Code Blue Essays is based in Solon, Ohio. We provide expert editing of medical school application essays and assistance for medical professionals worldwide. We also specialize in personal statement editing for residency, fellowship, graduate, nursing, and dental programs.

Medical School Application Essays

Medical training is extremely competitive. Each year, nearly 50,000 people apply to medical schools in the United States. Medical schools will offer admission to less than half of these students. In this environment, it is imperative that you distinguish yourself from your competition. The best way to accomplish this is with an excellent medical school application essay.


The Medical School Application Essay is Important

Although there will be tens of thousands of other applicants with high grades and test scores, the story you tell in your personal statement is unique. You can use the personal statement to your advantage. You should use your personal statement to convey to the admissions committee that you are exceptionally suited to the practice of medicine. By doing so you will significantly increase your chances of success. Unlike other medical school personal statement editing services, Code Blue Essays is aware of the unique needs of medical professionals.

We make it our business to know what schools are looking for when they receive medical school application essays. A licensed physician critiques every personal statement submitted for review. This is helpful because your editor will understand any medical terminology that you use. Furthermore, your editor at Code Blue Essays has already succeeded as a medical school applicant. They know what it takes to get into medical school.  Your editor at Code Blue Essays will be able to provide advice and perspective that you will not receive elsewhere.

Residency and Fellowship Personal Statements

You will once again find yourself in the position of writing a personal statement at the end of medical school as you prepare to further your training. As with medical school application essays, a compelling residency or fellowship personal statement can make the difference between matching to your preferred program and having to re-evaluate your career choice.

A licensed physician will review your personal statement  at Code Blue Essays. Therefore, you can feel confident that you will receive quality service. Your editor will be knowledgeable in what it takes to gain acceptance to competitive residency and fellowship programs.

Dental, Nursing, and Graduate Personal Statements

If you are pursuing another field of health care, Code Blue Essays can help you. A strong personal statement is extremely advantageous to your application whether you aspire to become a dentist, nurse, or other healthcare worker. You can be assured that you have written a compelling and competitive personal statement when you work with Code Blue Essays. You will maximize your chance of success if you choose to work with our talented team.

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