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Clinical Experience: The Ultimate Key To Getting Into Medical School

Medical schools expect applicants to demonstrate quality clinical experience. Make the most of your volunteer and shadowing with The Clinical Experience Journal
  • Learn More. Get organized and keep track of the patients, procedures, and treatments that you observe.
  • Get Letters of Recommendation. Make a great impression on your preceptors and earn excellent letters of recommendation.
  • Be Prepared for Med School Interviews.  Develop a strong understanding of the healthcare system and be able to discuss a variety of topics and clinical scenarios.  

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Mandy H.

Norfolk, VA

“I am so impressed! This was exactly what I needed to stay on track. It was also very helpful during my interviews. I am sure that this journal was instrumental in my being accepted to my top-choice medical school.”

Use This Guided Journal To:


Set goals and keep track of important tasks, dates, and activities in a simple and easy to use format


Document the diagnoses, procedures, medications, and treatments that you encounter. Log educational resources and journals for future reference. Take note of questions and topics for additional study.


Keep record of the physicians and other healthcare professionals that you work with. Use these records to request letters of recommendation or to seek additional clinical time.


Refer to your journal entries for the material necessary to write a strong personal statement. In addition, The Clinical Experience Journal facilitates answering many secondary application questions, and provides details to discuss during interviews.

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The Clinical Experience Journal: For Pre-medical Students

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A necessity for shadowing and volunteer activities

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