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Nursing Personal Statements

The purpose of a well written nursing personal statement is to help you stand out from all the other applicants. Whether you are planning to attend nursing school, pharmacy school, or another allied health program, you will most likely be required to submit an essay as part of your application.  This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and personal qualities that are not reflected in test scores. An excellent essay can often make an undecided admissions committee decide in your favor. Conversely, a poorly executed essay can bar an otherwise good candidate from admission. Code Blue Essays will help you edit your nursing personal statement for maximal success.

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Importance of Nursing Personal Statements

If you are planning to apply for an undergraduate or graduate program in nursing or a related field, then it is important to think about writing an excellent nursing personal statement. The importance of the personal statement for nursing school cannot be overstated. The personal statement is often the deciding factor on whether to offer an applicant admission to a program. The primary goal of your nursing personal statement is to highlight your credentials, expertise, skills, personality and contributions that will set you apart from other applicants. Therefore, the personal statement is a vital part of the application process.

Since the best nursing programs are highly competitive, it is imperative that your personal statement be executed properly. The nursing personal statement provides a unique opportunity to for you to express your personality, highlight your positive character qualities, and to discuss any experiences that will make you an especially qualified candidate for your program of choice.

Nursing school admissions committees want to admit candidates who are passionate about the profession of nursing, and who have a high likelihood of success in nursing school. The nursing personal statement is a great opportunity to explain why you are an ideal candidate for admission. You can also use the personal statement to mention any major experiences that have played a role in your studies and chosen career. Nursing programs want to admit students with strong characters, and the personal statement is the perfect opportunity to highlight these qualities.

The nursing personal statement is an opportunity to showcase things about yourself that is not found in the remainder of your application.  You might discuss how an experience inspired you to pursue a career in nursing, or talk about any other qualifications or interests that will be valuable to your future career. However, you should avoid the temptation to simply review information which can be found in the remainder of you application. Doing so will create an essay that is uninteresting to read, and unlikely to improve your chances of admission.

If executed properly, your nursing school personal statement can help you when you are invited for an interview. In many cases, nursing schools will select topics from an applicant’s personal statement to discuss further during the interview. Therefore, a savvy applicant can direct their interview by adding topics to their personal statement which they would like to discuss in person later. If you write a compelling, interesting, and well-written personal statement, it is likely that an interviewer will discuss it with you during your interview. This will potentially give your application a further advantage, because you will already be expecting the questions and will know how to answer them.

There is a growing trend for schools to be more transparent about what they want in their candidates. Again this will vary from school to school, but you will find that the official school website will offer details on the qualifications, skills, knowledge or qualities they are looking for. Sometimes they even go further and explain what they are looking for in your personal statement. Highlighting all this in your nursing personal statement will show to the admissions committee that you are the ideal candidate and that you are interested in attending their school.

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