8 08, 2023

How to Get Accepted As A Non-Traditional Medical Student


Are you a prospective non-traditional medical student looking to get accepted into medical school? You may be wondering how to stand out from the competition in medical school admissions. Luckily, there are creative ways to make yourself shine in the application process. With the help of Code Blue Essays, you can learn how to utilize your unique story to your advantage and increase your chances of getting accepted into the medical school of your dreams.  Here’s what you need to know about how to get accepted into medical school the non-traditional way… The Traditional Path to Medical School The traditional [...]

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1 07, 2023

How to prepare for your Medical School Secondary Application


Secondary Applications are happening NOW! Here’s how to prepare… With AMCAS application open, it’s time to start thinking about your secondary applications. Your secondary applications will start arriving fast and furious–and they’re just as important as your primary applications!  It is important to submit your secondary applications quickly so that you can secure your best chance at getting an interview. We recommend doing this between 7-14 days from the time you receive them.(Your secondary applications will typically arrive within two to four weeks after submitting your primary application). It’s important to begin thinking about and preparing your answers now to [...]

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16 05, 2023

FAQ: Medical School Letters of Recommendation


Letters of recommendation are an effective and important part of the medical school application. They are usually submitted with your AMCAS application and come from a professor at an academic institution or someone who works with you in extracurriculars. Letters of recommendation provide a professional’s opinion of you, aside from your own claims or opinion of yourself that a friend or relative might have of you.  They give a summary of your unique skills and can have a big impact on admissions committees. A great letter gives the admissions committee insight into the person and student you are and the [...]

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2 05, 2023

Why is your Personal Statement so important?


Your medical school application essay, known as the personal statement, is one of the most important sections of your medical school application. It’s the key factor that determines whether or not you will be invited to interview! Some people may also argue that the personal statement is even more important than the interview. With thousands of applications that come into a medical school, only roughly 16% of students get offered an interview.  And one of the biggest obstacles a prospective student needs to stand out is with their personal statement. It’s a pivotal factor in the medical school admissions process, [...]

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28 02, 2023

How to write a medical school Letter of Intent


Is there one school you are particularly hoping to get into, that you value above all others? If you’ve interviewed (or even if you haven’t yet), but want to let your number one, top choice school know how serious you are about them, then you should consider writing a medical school letter of intent. This is different from a medical school letter of interest, and in this blog post we are going to explain how… What is a medical school letter of intent? A medical school letter of intent is a statement that specifically says you will accept an offer [...]

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28 02, 2023

5 things to do if you were rejected from medical school (and want to try again)…


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12" style="" column_style="light"][fsn_text] 5 Steps to take before you re-apply for medical school Did you know that when you apply to medical school, the odds are actually against you? According to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges, fewer than half of applicants to U.S. medical schools receive acceptance letters. And within the 50-60% that aren’t accepted, many don’t even get extended an interview invitation. If you are worried or find yourself with no medical school interviews this spring, it’s wise to think about your next steps and to evaluate what you can do to strengthen your application. [...]

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20 12, 2022

How To Write, Edit And Submit A Compelling Secondary Essay


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] Last year there were more than 60,000 medical school applicants! In total, 23,711 were accepted, resulting in an acceptance rate of 38%!   The medical school application process naturally weeds out applicants. After you submit your primary application, most schools will send out a secondary application, which includes a request for secondary essays.   From here on out during the process, the applicants begin to narrow (and your chance of acceptance hopefully just increases).   Secondary essays are crucial to getting through to an interview, so here are a few of our top strategies for writing your secondary [...]

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18 10, 2022

5 Secondary Essay Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] Sometimes the number of secondary applications you receive can be overwhelming, but it’s important to take them seriously and avoid taking short cuts or making mistakes because you are hastily trying to submit them.    Since secondary essays are such an important part of the application process, in this blog post we want to talk about 5 of the most common mistakes students make so you can avoid them.   Here are 5 secondary essay common mistakes…   1. Waiting for the request to start writing. If you’ve submitted your primary application and are waiting to get a [...]

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8 09, 2022

3 Of The Most Common Secondary Essay Questions And How To Answer Them


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] Filling out and submitting all of your primary medical school applications is quite the accomplishment, however don’t let out that giant sigh of relief too early because you will have even more essays to write!   Medical school secondary essays are usually required and are meant to provide the schools with more specific information about you and whether you’re a good fit for their program. The questions are generally geared towards the specific mission, requirements and goals of the program.   Each school will have their own secondary requirements– some asking for one or two essays and others [...]

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