5 Reasons The Medical Students Journal is The Best Planner for Med Students:

  • The unique combo of a notebook, planner, textbook, and journal- a perfect resource to help medical students get organized, reduce stress, and take control of their education.
  • Use the daily planner to set study goals and keep track of your achievements.
  • Write excellent patient notes with the aid of easy to use templates.
  • Document your budding clinical skills in the procedure log. Use this information to secure your spot in your preferred residency program.
  • Become a stronger student and earn higher grades. Earn top scores on shelf exams and on the USMLE.
best medical student planner

Medical school is hard- this book can help.

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I just got The Medical Student's Journal  and I love it!! I wish I had this last year when I was a first year, it makes things so much easier and more concise.

Reuben H.

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