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Getting Accepted to Medical School Is Hard

In a sea of highly qualified applicants how will you distinguish yourself? A great personal statement is an ideal way to garner positive attention from medical school admissions committees.

It is hard to get in to medical school. Really hard. This is largely because the number of applicants far exceeds the number of available seats. Unfortunately, this problem has only worsened in they past year. For example, Boston University saw over 12,000 applicants for 100 seats.

The best way to stand out in this massive sea of candidates is with an outstanding personal statement. A strong personal statement effectively highlights your talents and strengths that are not readily visible in the rest of your application.

Unfortunately, writing a personal statement for medical school isn't an easy task. For most science-minded people, essay writing is not a skill that they have perfected. If you are struggling to come up with a topic that will yield a strong and interesting personal statement, you are not alone!  

Once you’ve finally decided on a topic, the real battle begins. You somehow must squeeze all that you want to say into a short essay and make it sound good. In addition, you need to find a way convince medical schools that you an amazing candidate and that they should admit you- without actually saying it directly...

Does your personal statement have you feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed? Wouldn't be great if there was an easy way to write a great essay without all the anxiety and effort? How would you feel if you were truly confident that your personal statement was definitely an asset to your application?  

You have worked so hard to get this far. Don't risk an unsuccessful application cycle because you got lost in the crowd.

Introducing Super Hero Training Academy: Personal Statement Success

Superhero Training Academy is the fun way to write a great medical school personal statement. This  comprehensive online course guides you through the complete personal statement process. Best of all, its unique format feels like a game. Complete missions, earn badges, and rise in the ranks to become a superhero. In the end, you will have written a personal statement that's so good, medical schools will remember your name!

The Low-Stress Way to Write a Great Personal Statement 

Get instant access to this self-paced, fun course. Easy to follow modules will guide you through the complete personal statement writing process. The unique gamified presentation makes the process fun and low stress. Complete missions to earn badges and achieve new rankings. When you are finished, you will have written a personal statement that is sure to enhance your medical school application.

Understand the expectations

Medical schools have definite expectations when they review an applicant's personal statement. Unfortunately, most applicants are unaware of them.

The Superhero Training Academy will teach you how to write an essay that will satisfy even the most discerning medical school admissions committee.

develop your topic

Work through our exclusive worksheets and exercises that will gently guide you to the perfect topic for your personal statement. 

 Our  easy, low-stress process will allow you to identify the ideal elements to include in your essay.  

Professional Feedback

No need to worry if you are on the right track. You will receive individual feedback and recommendations every step of the way.

Built in check-points allow a licensed MD to review your progress and help you achieve your goals.


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Personal Statement Editing:

Ensure that your essay is in perfect form before you submit your application. When you sign up for Superhero Training Academy, you will receive comprehensive editing and feedback from a physician-editor. In addition, you will be given two additional revisions with your editor to ensure that you are completely confident in your personal statement.

Application Tracker:

The average medical school candidate applies to over 15 schools! Keeping track of all of your application materials for each school can be extremely difficult. Our application tracker document easily charts your status at each school. 

Letter Templates:

You will need to correspond with medical schools during your application cycle. Take the stress out of writing 'thank you' letters, follow ups,  and letters of intent with these premium letter templates.

Medical Student's Journal:

It is a fact. Medical school is intense! Only somebody who has experienced it can truly understand. Be prepared to become a top medical student. The Medical Student’s Journal was designed by a physician to reduce medical school stress and improve your confidence, performance, and happiness.

'Maximizing Your Experiences' Mini Course:

In addition to your personal statement, your experiences and activities section is extremely vital to your primary application. Learn how to make the most of your short answers to become a more desirable medical school candidate.

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Your career is too important to leave to chance. Make a wise investment in your future by ensuring that your personal statement can withstand the competition.

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