Clinical Experience Journal

Clinical Experience Journal


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The Clinical Experience Journal is the perfect way to keep yourself organized and make the most of your time in the hospital or clinic. If you will be volunteering in a clinical setting or shadowing for a healthcare career, this planner make your time more worthwhile.

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Shadowing For Healthcare Careers is Expected

If you are are planning on attending medical school, dental school, nursing school, or another healthcare program, you will need to gain clinical experience before you apply. Shadowing for healthcare professions can be an exciting and educational experience. In order to make the most of your clinical time, you should have a system for keeping track of your experience. If you keep an organized log of your clinical experience, you will be able to use that information to strengthen your application, maximize your learning, and improve your chances of being accepted into your program of choice.

The Clinical Experience Journal is the Perfect Tool for Shadowing

The Clinical Experience Journal is the perfect tool to document your work. This handy spiral-bound book will help you organize your schedule and record your patient encounters. After using this book, you will be able to easily reference meaningful patient encounters to use as examples in your personal statement or during interviews. In addition, it facilitates requesting letters of recommendation and planning your application.  Furthermore, this planner will help you make a smooth transition from student to healthcare professional.

  • Guided monthly planner
  • Patient profile manager
  • Hospital/clinic log
  • Ample space for notes
  • Maximize your performance

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