Maximize Your Clinical Experience!

Maximize Your Clinical Experience!

The Clinical Experience Journal


Make The Most Of Your Patient Encounters

The Clinical Experience Journal is the perfect tool to document your work. It's spiral-bound so you can easily flip through it while you're on the go. After using this book, you will be able to easily reference meaningful patient encounters to use as examples in your personal statement or during interviews. In addition, it facilitates requesting letters of recommendation and planning your application. Furthermore, this planner will help you make a smooth transition from student to healthcare professional.

  • Guided monthly planner
  • Patient profile manager
  • Clinical log
  • Ample space for notes
clinical experience journal

The Clinical Experience Journal Will Help You Succeed 

Guided Monthly Planner

Get organized and efficient! This tool will help you to easily set goals and conquer them.

Hospital/Clinic Manager

Record the contact information of physicians that you work with.  Great resource to facilitate networking and requesting letters of recommendation.

Clinical Log

The secret ingredient for a great medical school application. Keep track of  your patients to write a stellar personal statement, awesome secondaries, and crush your interviews. 

Journal Recorder

Ample space to keep track of interesting and important journal articles so that you can easily refer back to them later.

Take A Look Inside The Clinical Experience Journal 

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