Medical School Interview Preparation

The medical school interview is usually the last step in the application process. If you have been invited for an interview, your chances of being admitted to that school are about 50%. Essentially, your performance on your interview will largely determine if you are offered admission. Therefore, it is imperative that you perform well on interview day.

Unfortunately, interviewing is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. In order to give yourself the best chance of admission, you will need to make sure that you are adequately prepared to give a strong interview.  As with most things, interview skills improve with practice. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice interview questions before your medical school interview.

Medical School Interview Coaching

Code Blue Essays is proud to offer interview coaching services for medical school applicants. Applicants who are serious about getting into medical school choose this service. Customers will receive a comprehensive preparation package that ensures that they are ready for interview day.  You will be paired with a physician who will guide you through the process of giving a strong medical school interview. In addition, your coach will review your application prior to your appointment and have personalized interview questions prepared for you, just like in your actual medical school interviews. Furthermore, your coach will identify potential weak spots in your application and help you formulate a plan to overcome them on interview day.  Shortly after your appointment, you will receive an evaluation of your interview. You will also receive written feedback on your mock interview, and suggestions on how to improve your performance.

In order to provide the best quality, we offer a limited number of appointments. Register now to reserve your spot.

Reserve Your Spot

In order to give our clients the very best service, Code Blue Essays offers a very limited number of coaching spots. Although there are other coaching services out there, Code Blue Essays is simply the best. Our coaches are licensed physicians who are experts in the medical school admissions process. You can be certain that your coach will give to the most valuable advice because they have been in your position- and succeeded.  Therefore, your coach will give you the very best medical school interview advice possible.


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