Hey Medical Students, Do You Frequently Feel Stressed, Frustrated, Overwhelmed, or Confused?

medical student's journal

Are you experiencing medical school stress? Do you ever secretly wonder if medical school was a mistake? Are your classes causing you anxiety, stress, or frustration? Do you sometimes feel as if you are missing crucial information?

Of Course You Do- You’re in Medical School!

It is a fact. Medical school is intense! Only somebody who has experienced it can truly understand. Although it is may seem that you are alone in your experience, know that the majority of your classmates are having similar feelings. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by medical school. Fortunately, there is help. Code Blue Essays is proud to present The Medical Student’s Journal– designed by a physician to reduce medical school stress and improve your confidence, performance, and happiness.

Introducing The Medical Student’s Journal

medical student's journal

This unique book is designed to help medical students reach their full potential.

  • Reference– Quickly look up normal lab values, record important information, and more

  • Documentation Templates– Step-by-step guides for H&P, SOAP, and brief operative notes

  • Patient and Procedure Logs: Keep track of your learning

  • Planner/Organizer: Guided tools to help you achieve your goals

You Deserve To Be a Confident Medical Student

med school stress

You have worked hard to get to where you are today. You were were selected from a group of highly qualified applicants to attend your school. Therefore, you have already proven that you have the ability to become a physician. Do not let medical school stress limit your enjoyment of your education. Get the powerful tool that will help you realize your full potential. The Medical Student’s Journal help you maximize your time and become a stronger, happier student.

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