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Secondary essay questions are often the main tool that medical schools use to decide whether or not to offer you an invitation to interview. Therefore, it is essential that your medical secondary essays are a positive representation of you as an applicant. Code Blue Essays will help you write secondary essays that get results!


Make a great Impression

Medical schools may vary on their criteria for offering applicants secondary applications, however, they all use the information from these essays to make admissions decisions. If you are serious about getting into medical school, you need to write excellent secondary essays.


Effective, Professional Editing

Code Blue Essays' medical school secondary essay editing service will ensure that your application is well-recieved by adcoms. Our editors will help you to present yourself in the best possible light. 

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The Importance of Medical School Secondary Essays

Medical schools send out secondary applications to prospective students in the second step of the application process. They serve the purpose of identifying candidates best suited for admission to a particular medical school. Most secondary applications require an applicant to write one to five short essays on specific questions.

The majority of highly competitive medical schools use secondary applications. Some schools, such as University of Michigan Medical School and Harvard Medical School, send a secondary application to all their applicants. Other schools prefer to review the primary AMCAS application first, then send secondary applications to selected students.

Our Comprehensive Secondary Application Review System

Code Blue Essays specializes in perfecting medical school secondary essays. During the secondary application process, schools will send prospective students prompts for short essays, and they use these secondary applications to determine which applicants to offer interviews. As secondary essays are very important for the medical school application process, they can be a source of significant stress for applicants. You can relax when you select Code Blue Essays for your editing needs because we subject your essays to an extensive and thorough review process, and will ensure that your secondary essays are exceptional.

Step 1

Primary Overview

The first step of the medical school secondary essay editing process is the initial overview. During this process, we review the essay for basic mechanics. Our editors will correct any spelling and grammar errors. Applicants appear careless when they make simple errors of this sort, so it is of utmost importance that your essay is edited.

Step 2

Content Evaluation

Medical schools are looking for specific answers to their questions. The key to a successful secondary application is understanding the questions and answering them in the "correct" manner.  At Code Blue Essays, we know exactly what medical schools want to hear in secondary essays, and we will help you give them what they want. During the content evaluation phase of editing, your editor will ensure that your responses to the prompts align with the expectations of the admissions committee.

Step 3

Writing Efficacy

During the writing efficacy portion of the review process, our editors will evaluate your essay for organization, flow, and impact. Our editors will provide any necessary reworking of your essay to make it a more pleasurable and efficient reading experience. We will help you craft a persuasive, organized, and effective essay so you’ll convince a medical school that you are an ideal candidate for admission.

Step 4

Final Review

As a final step, your editor will review your essay holistically to ensure that it is in superb condition. You will be able to confidently submit your secondary essay, knowing that it is ready to withstand the scrutiny of a medical school admissions committee. 

Medical School Secondary Essay Editing Plans




0-500 words

Budget-friendly basic package. Great for short, focused essays from a single school.

  • Reviewed by a licensed physician
  • Access to secure portal 
  • Comprehensive review and revision
  • Helpful feedback
  • Includes 1 revision




501-1200 words

Editing for longer essays or multiple schools.

  • Reviewed by a licensed physician
  • Access to secure portal
  • Comprehensive review and revision
  • Helpful feedback
  • Includes 1 revision




1201-1800 words

Our most popular package.

  • Reviewed by a licensed physician
  • Access to secure portal
  • Assistance with content, structure, and organization
  • Helpful feedback
  • Comprehensive review and revision
  • Includes 1 revisions




1801-2400 words

Great for applicants with multiple schools on their list. 

  • Reviewed by a licensed physician
  • Access to secure portal
  • Comprehensive review and revision
  • Helpful feedback
  • Includes 1 revision
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