Dental School Personal Statements

The dental school personal statement is a required component of the dental school admission application. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, it is important to make your application stand out from all the others. The best way to do this is through your personal statement. The majority of applicants will have excellent grades, high test scores, and supportive letters of recommendation; however, not all applicants will have a well-crafted, meaningful essay. The personal statement is the only portion of the application where you have complete control of the content. Code Blue Essays will help you create a winning essay that will have a tremendous impact on your application.

Dentistry has always been a prestigious profession. As a result, thousands of students end up applying to join dental schools across America each year. However, only a handful of candidates are admitted. The competition is very stiff and as a result, many applicants with exceptional academic credentials are rejected.

According to research, over 60% of students who fail to gain acceptance to dental schools have poor personal statements. They submit essays that are poorly crafted, difficult to follow, and neglect to answer the essential question of why the candidate wishes to be a dentist. Instead, many candidates spend too much time explaining shortcomings in their grades and test scores, or discussing material that already evident in the remainder of their application

Some students are confused and frustrated by what they need to say in their dental school personal statement. Essentially, a strong dental school personal statement is a brief essay (ideally less than 800 words) that gives dental schools a good idea of who you are. Your personal statement should definitely address why you are pursuing a career in dentistry. Your dental school personal statement should also address any strong positive character qualities you have such as persistence, compassion, and maturity. You should provide anecdotes and examples of how you embody these characteristics.

Understand the importance of the dental school personal statement
First, it is important to remind yourself of the importance of the personal statement. Remember that your personal statement can make the difference between receiving a letter of acceptance and having to reapply next year. Dental school admissions committees are looking for students who are motivated, inquisitive, articulate, socially cognizant, and dedicated to dentistry. Your dental school personal statement is the ideal medium to convince them that you have these desired qualities.

Always include a theme
In any essay, always include a mission/theme statement in the very first paragraph. It will give your personal statement a sense of direction. In your dental school personal statement, your theme will allow the admissions committee to learn more about your character and why you are an excellent candidate for admission. Many students find that choosing a theme before actually beginning the writing process makes it easier to keep the essay organized.

Use specific life experiences
Explain specific experiences in your life that made you want to study dentistry. It is also a good idea to provide stories and examples of any skills of personal qualities that you possess that will be beneficial in your chosen career in dentistry. Highlight particular encounters and experiences that will give the admissions committee insight into your personality and values.

Check your spelling and grammar
Always proofread your dental school personal statement before submitting it. Make sure that there are no grammatical or sentence structure errors. Double check your spelling and punctuation. Simple errors in the mechanics of your essay will make you appear careless. Obviously, this is not a characteristic that you want the admissions committee to associate with you.

Engage a professional
After you have completed your dental school personal statement. It is wise to have your essay professionally edited. A professional editor will be able to give you an unbiased critique of your writing. Furthermore, a professional editor is aware of the requirements of dental school and will ensure that your essay will be competitive. You will reduce your stress and improve your chances of success when you have Code Blue Essays help you write your dental school personal statement. All of our editors are licensed medical professional who have personally experienced the process of writing a personal statement. They will help you achieve your dream of a successful career in dentistry.

Dental School Personal Statement Editing Service

Prospective dental students face fierce competition. An excellent personal statement can help you secure a coveted acceptance letter to dental school. Code Blue Essays can help you achieve admission by helping you write a flawless personal statement. All dental school personal statements submitted to Code Blue Essays are subjected to our thorough four-part editing process.


The first step in the Code Blue Essays editing process is the initial review. During this process, your professional editor will carefully read through the personal statement to get an understanding of the essay. Any grammar or spelling errors will be corrected during this initial step. Simple errors make a negative impression on admissions committees, so it is essential to make sure that your dental school personal statement is properly punctuated with correct grammar. Code Blue Essays will help you write a personal statement that makes a great first impression.

The second step of the Code Blue Essays process is dedicated to content editing. During this process, the effectiveness of the personal statement is evaluated. Our licensed physician editors will give you suggestions to strengthen your essay so that it provides a convincing argument that you are an ideal candidate for dental school.

During the third step, your Code Blue Essays editor will read through your personal statement again. This time, the editor will focus on the wording and flow of the personal statement. Changes will be made to the essay to improve the flow while preserving the author’s voice and unique writing style. If necessary, your essay will also be re-organized to provide maximum impact. The result will be a powerful dental school personal statement that is interesting and pleasing to read.

Finally, your editor will read your edited personal statement from the beginning. They will make sure that your dental school personal statement meets Code Blue Essays’ exacting standards. The end result will be a personal statement that you will be proud to submit with your application to dental school.

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  • Licensed Physician Reviewed
  • Grammar & Spelling Correction
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  • 1201-1800 Words
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