Write A Great Personal Statement

The dental school personal statement is a required component of your application. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, it is important to make your application stand out from all the others. The best way to do this is through your personal statement. The majority of dental school applicants will have excellent grades, high test scores, and supportive letters of recommendation; however, not all applicants will have a well-crafted, meaningful essay. The personal statement is the only portion of the application where you have complete control of the content. Code Blue Essays will help you create a winning essay that will get results.


Give Yourself An Advantage

Dental school personal statements are unique because they must emphasize the author’s character. Admissions committees are looking for candidates with strong character traits, such as determination, maturity, and empathy. Code Blue Essays will ensure you present yourself in a manner most likely to be viewed favorably. At Code Blue Essays, we understand what it takes to get into dental school, and we will help you get there.

Studies suggest that the majority of students who fail to gain acceptance to dental schools have poor personal statements. They submit essays that are poorly crafted, difficult to follow, or neglect to answer the essential question of why the candidate wishes to be a dentist... Don't let this happen to you! Our professional editors will help you craft a strong essay that will be an asset to your application.

Our Editing Process

All dental school personal statements are subjected to our thorough four-part editing system by our professional editors.


Step 1: Initial Review

The first step in the Code Blue Essays editing process is the initial review. During this process, your professional editor will carefully read through your dental school personal statement to get an understanding of the essay. Any grammar or spelling errors will be corrected during this initial step. Simple errors make a negative impression on admissions committees, so it is essential to make sure that your dental school personal statement is properly punctuated with correct grammar. Code Blue Essays will help you write a personal statement that makes a great first impression.


Step 2: Content Editing

The second step of the Code Blue Essays process is dedicated to content editing. During this process, the effectiveness of the personal statement is evaluated. Our licensed physician editors will give you suggestions to strengthen your essay so that it provides a convincing argument that you are an ideal candidate for dental school.


Step 3: Evaluation Of Mechanics

During the third step, your Code Blue Essays editor will read through your personal statement again. This time, the editor will focus on the wording and flow of the personal statement. Changes will be made to the essay to improve the flow while preserving the author’s voice and unique writing style. If necessary, your essay will also be re-organized to provide maximum impact. The result will be a powerful dental school personal statement that is interesting and pleasing to read.


Step 4: Final Review

Finally, your editor will read your edited personal statement from the beginning. They will make sure that your dental school personal statement meets Code Blue Essays’ exacting standards. The end result will be a personal statement that you will be proud to submit with your application to dental school.

Dental School Personal Statement Editing Service



Professional Editing for Applicants With a Completed Draft. Includes:

  • Comprehensive Review and Editing
  • Spelling & Grammar Correction
  • Content Review 
  •  Improvement of Organization and Writing Mechanics
  •  Includes 1 Free Revision



Intensive Assistance From Start to Finish. 

 Includes all the features of the Standard plan, plus: 

  • Assistance With Brainstorming & Pre-writing
  • Topic Development
  • Writing Coaching
  • Unlimited Revisions