Medical School Personal Statement Mistakes

Top Personal Statement Mistakes (and how to avoid them) The personal statement is a vital part of the medical school application. It gives admissions committees vital information about your character, personal qualities, and values that are not found in any other part of the application. If you write a strong personal statement, you have a very good chance of earning an interview. Unfortunately, many applicants make mistakes on their personal statement that hurt their application. If you are aware of some of the most common medical school personal statement mistakes, you will have a better chance of avoiding them. Mistake #1: Unnaturally Flowery Language Some applicants think that they can seem more intelligent and impress the admissions committee by using large and obscure words. Do not do this. Using big words make your personal statement seem unnatural and forced. The admissions officers will be irritated as they try to [...]

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Identifying Shadowing Opportunities for Medical School

Why Is Shadowing Important? Shadowing a physician is a vital experience for anyone who is interested in attending medical school. Shadowing will allow you to see what a physician's job entails and will allow you to observe the way in which the healthcare system works. In addition, it will help you decide if a career in medicine. Furthermore, medical schools will expect that serious applicants have significant clinical experience before they apply.  Shadowing is a great opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience and make yourself a more attractive candidate for medical schools.  What Constitutes a Shadowing Experience? Simply put, shadowing involves joining a physician in the hospital or in their office and following them as they perform their daily activities. You will observe as they interact with patients and perform their administrative work. In many cases, you will have the opportunity to watch a variety of procedures and begin to [...]

Still Waiting for an Invitation to Interview? What to Do

No Invitations to Interview? This time of the year is very exciting for medical school applicants. Social media is buzzing with people discussing the schools where they have interviewed or will soon be visiting. In addition, many applicants are joyously celebrating being accepted to medical school. Unfortunately not everybody who has applied is enjoying a similar experience. Like the people on social media, you too have spent the better part of a year completing primary applications, writing your personal statement, tracking transcripts and letters of recommendation, and completing seemingly endless secondary application questions. Then you wait. And wait. No schools have contacted you with an invitation to interview. Or perhaps you have been invited on some interviews but you have not heard from the schools since then. You might be starting to suspect that your application cycle will end without being accepted in any school. Be Patient Although it might [...]

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Webinar- Applying to Medical School

Get Access to the Webinar * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Tips for Applying to Medical School If you are planning on applying to medical school in the near future, you will need to have a solid plan. Each year, many qualified candidates are turned away from medical school due to avoidable errors that they made while applying. The medical school application process is long. In addition, the process is sometimes confusing. It is helpful to plan for your application well in advance. Fortunately we have put together a high-yield webinar to guide you through the application process. By watching this brief presentation, you will give yourself a significant advantage as you prepare to apply to medical school. Presenting Medical School: The Secret Roadmap Medical school is competitive.  Therefore, if you want to be accepted, you must know what schools are looking for, and give it [...]

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Do Successful Medical School Applicants Fail Classes?

 Successful Medical School Applicants Are Not Perfect A common misconception among students who aspire to go to medical school is that successful medical school applicants have impeccable grades. Although there are certainly many medical students who had an illustrious undergraduate career, many more struggled with one or more classes. While they may not readily admit it, many medical students received a C or lower in at least one undergraduate class. Therefore, if you are having difficulty with an undergraduate course, do not give up hope of attending medical school. If you have a plan, you can mitigate the damage of a poor grade. This article will discuss tips successful medical school applicants have used to survive difficult undergraduate courses. Identify Problems Early Perhaps the best way to avoid academic problems is to identify potential issues before they become unmanageable. If you are vigilant, you should know by the first two [...]

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The Value of a Pre-Medical Conference

If you are interested in attending medical school or pursuing a career in healthcare, it is a great idea to attend a pre-medical conference. Many conferences are offered at various times around the country. Attendees gain many benefits from their participation. What is a Pre-medical Conference? Pre-medical conferences are events geared towards disseminating information to students who are interested in a healthcare career. These conferences typically include presentations on a variety of admissions topics. For example, many conferences have discussions on MCAT preparation, strategies for being a successful medical student, and interview skills. In addition, conference attendees also have the opportunity to meet representatives from schools and learn more about their programs. Many students who attend a pre-medical conference find that they meet people who have the ability to help them achieve their career goals. What to Wear Although most pre-health events do not have a strict dress code, you [...]

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