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Medical School Personal Statement Example & Help

Learning From a Medical School Personal Statement Example Each spring, students hopeful for a chance at attending medical school begin preparing their applications. Many applicants rank the personal statement the most difficult of all the portions of the medical school application. The difficulty of writing a personal statement is often  due to multiple factors. These include weak writing skills, lack of time, and discomfort with promoting oneself.  However, the most common reason is that most medical school applicants simply do not know what to write about. Looking at a medical school personal statement example can be very helpful in this instance. By reviewing a completed essay, a medical school applicant can learn what makes a personal statement successful and what does not. The Value of a Strong Personal Statement The medical school personal statement is a powerful tool. It provides a unique opportunity for an applicant to demonstrate skills and [...]

Clinical Experience Tips for Busy Premeds

The Importance of Clinical Experience The majority of medical schools expect that applicants will have clinical experience before they apply. Medical training is highly competitive. Medical schools do not want to invest time training students who will not go on to become physicians. Therefore, it is important that medical school applicants understand what a physician's job entails. Clinical exposure allows prospective medical students the opportunity to closely observe physicians and determine if they want to pursue a career in medicine. In addition, an applicant with extensive experience in a clinical setting demonstrates that they have the dedication, compassion, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed as a medical student. Although not explicitly stated as such, clinical exposure is essentially a medical school requirement. According to a survey conducted by the AAMC, 73% of medical schools expected applicants to have clinical experience.  Furthermore, 87% of schools reported that applicants who did not [...]

Essential Tips for Conquering the MCAT CARS

What is MCAT CARS? Many future medical students have difficulty with the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) portion of the MCAT. This is because it requires a different set of skills than the rest of the test. The MCAT CARS consists of short passages followed by questions. It is designed to measure your reading comprehension and ability to draw conclusions from written material.   Begin Preparing Early Although none of the MCAT sections are conducive to cramming, it is especially important to allot adequate time for MCAT CARS review. This is because CARS requires you to learn and develop new skills rather than accumulating knowledge. In order to perform well on this section, you must train yourself to critically analyze things in a manner you likely have not done before. Therefore, you will need to schedule adequate time to prepare. At a minimum, you will need six weeks of dedicated [...]

How to Make Sure Your Med School Personal Statement Doesn’t Suck

Med School Personal Statement Concerns The med school personal statement is often a source of frustration for applicants. Many medical school hopefuls worry that medical schools will find their essay trite. This fear is compounded by premedical college advisers warning about the dangers of a cliche personal statement. A quick google search will show countless articles warning about topics and statements to avoid. Some of these supposedly forbidden topics include: wanting to be a physician since childhood going into medicine because of a desire to help/serve others  your personal health stuggles a family member's illness any experience suddenly made you want to be a physician After hearing the dire warnings, many medical schools worry about what they can write about- most every logical topic choice is forbidden. The good news is that there are ways around these 'rules' so that you can create a strong med school personal statement.   [...]

Insider Tips for a Good Med School Application

Tips for a Good Med School Application: Understanding AMCAS If you are going to apply to an allopathic medical school in the United States, you will most likely be utilizing AMCAS. The American Medical College Application Service, or AMCAS, is a centralized application system that verifies then distributes  applicant information, MCAT scores, and letters of recommendation to participating medical schools. AMCAS does not make any admissions decisions. However, it is important to understand how AMCAS works in order to submit a good med school application. Getting Started In order to use AMCAS, you must register with AAMC. You will likely already have a username and password from your MCAT registration.  Do not register for a new account or you may trigger a fraud investigation which could delay your application. The AMCAS program typically opens the first week of May for those applying to enter medical school in the fall of the [...]

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Medical School Applicant Prep

Although there are still several months before AMCAS opens, it is time to begin preparing your application. If you plan to apply to medical school in the upcoming cycle, it is a good idea to begin working on your medical school applicant checklist early. Medical school applications require many steps to complete correctly. If you begin working on your application early, you will have ample time to complete it. Unfortunately, many prospective students wait until AMCAS opens to begin working on their application. This is not ideal. The medical school application is complex and requires time to prepare properly. Medical School Applicant Requirements Before you start working on a medical school application, it is imperative that you have completed the necessary prerequisites. Most medical schools have specific requirements for applicants. It is important that you have completed these requirements prior to submitting your application. Medical schools often list their requirements [...]

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