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The Value of a Pre-Medical Conference

If you are interested in attending medical school or pursuing a career in healthcare, it is a great idea to attend a pre-medical conference. Many conferences are offered at various times around the country. Attendees gain many benefits from their participation. What is a Pre-medical Conference? Pre-medical conferences are events geared towards disseminating information to students who are interested in a healthcare career. These conferences typically include presentations on a variety of admissions topics. For example, many conferences have discussions on MCAT preparation, strategies for being a successful medical student, and interview skills. In addition, conference attendees also have the opportunity to meet representatives from schools and learn more about their programs. Many students who attend a pre-medical conference find that they meet people who have the ability to help them achieve their career goals. What to Wear Although most pre-health events do not have a strict dress code, you [...]

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8 Tips for Standardized Patient Encounters

What is a Standardized Patient Standardized patient interviews are an important aspect of your medical training. A standardized patient (or SP) is trained to simulate real patients with a variety of illnesses. During medical school, these interactions are used to measure your ability to apply your knowledge clinically as well as your communication skills. Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when you interact with standardized patients: Tip #1 Take Them Seriously Even though you know the standardized patient is an actor playing out a made-up scenario, treat them the way you would an actual patient. The goal of these encounters is to help you provide better patient care in the real world. These individuals are trying to make you the best medical professional you can be, so respect their effort! Tip #2 Trust Your “Patient” Standardized patients often work on case scenarios for hours or even days at a [...]

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Top 5 Med School Secondary Application Tips

The Med School Secondary Application The second step in the medical school application process is completing the secondary application. Medical schools vary widely in their protocol for secondary applications. Some send a med school secondary application to every person who applies. In contrast, other medical schools conduct a preliminary screening process and only send secondaries to select applicants. Most schools require an additional fee to be submitted with the secondary application. Therefore, if your budget is limited, you may wish to carefully evaluate your chances of admission before completing the secondary essays for a particular school. Purpose of the Med School Secondary Application Medical schools use secondary essays to learn more about your  character and goals. The information collected from the secondary application is combined with the rest of the application, in order to present a complete and holistic view of the applicant. Ideally, a secondary essay should complement the [...]

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Is Your Med School Application Ready to Submit?

Med School Application: Take Your Time Before you hit the send button on your med school application, make sure that it is perfect. Although there is a definite advantage to submitting your application early, it is even more important to avoid errors. Therefore, take the time to ensure you are truly ready to submit your medical school application before you do so. Be Accurate Once you submit your med school application, you will not be able to make many changes. The program will only allow you to make changes to the following information: -Name -ID numbers -Contact information -Date of birth, birth address, and gender -Next MCAT test date In addition, the AMCAS program will allow you to add/delete up to ten letters of evaluation after you have submitted. In addition, you will be allowed to apply to additional schools if you desire to do so after your initial submission. [...]

Common Medical School Application Errors (And How to Avoid Them)

Medical School Application Errors The medical school application season has begun. If you hope to enroll as a medical student next fall, you will need to ensure that you submit an excellent medical school application. Most applicants think that an excellent application means a high gpa and mcat score. While it is true that these are certainly components of a strong medical school application, more is required to ensure admission. Even students with strong scores will have difficulty gaining admission if they make errors on their application. This article will discuss some of the most common medical school application errors. Every year medical schools around the country reject thousands of qualified candidates. Medical schools fail to admit these people not because of lack of aptitude; but because they made errors when they applied. If you have a strong application strategy, you will maximize your chances of getting into medical school. [...]

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How to Conquer the Multiple Mini Interview

Increasingly, medical schools are using the multiple mini interview (MMI) to evaluate potential students. Although many medical school applicants are apprehensive about this format, the multiple mini interview is not difficult. In fact, many student report that the process is sometimes fun. Although you will not need any specific knowledge to perform well on the MMI, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process in order to give your best performance. What is the Multiple Mini Interview? The multiple mini interview is an interview format that is based on short activities. Typically, an applicant will cycle through 6-10 stations over a period of approximately two hours during a MMI day. Each station has instructions for the activity outside of the room. The applicant then enters the room and performs the requested activity. Applicants are allotted two minutes to read the instructions and prepare themselves. The actual activity [...]

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