Medical school admissions committees are looking for students with both academic and character excellence, and while your GPA and MCAT scores demonstrate your academic rank, your written application and interviews can help demonstrate your character. Your medical school personal statement, work experience/activities and interviews will all demonstrate your communication skills, analytical skills, thought process, and ability to handle real-world situations. 

Let’s dive in a little deeper and take a look at what the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is and how paid mock interviews can help you prepare for yours…

What is the MMI?

The Multiple Mini Interview is an interview format consisting of 6-10 interview stations, each focused on a different question. It’s designed to measure your oral communication, social and non-verbal skills, teamwork, and other personality traits. Interviewers may include admissions officers, community members, faculty, professors or physicians practicing in the local area. 

Admissions committees like this format because it is believed to produce a more reliable assessment of a candidate and it limits biases because of the number of interactions students have. This means that because students interact with different people and have multiple assessments, the opinions of a single interviewer are not over-emphasized. Students also prefer it over the traditional method. Many feel it allows them to better showcase their skills than in the traditional one-on-one interview. 

Typically, these last around two hours, and each mini-interview includes a 2-minute prep period before beginning a conversation that lasts anywhere from 5-8 minutes. 

What’s the best way to prepare for MMIs?

First of all, understand that MMIs do not test your knowledge. They are set up to allow candidates to showcase their interpersonal and critical thinking skills. The best way to practice is to practice interviewing and talking about yourself! Talk about yourself in a timely manner, accurately and precisely.

Review what questions schools may ask, and be familiar with how you will answer them. Check out our blog post about How to Prepare for Interview Questions, as well as 5 Essential Interviewing Tips to learn more.

Many students turn to paid mock interview services to help them prepare for their in-person and/or virtual medical school interviews. Paid mock interview services are professional services that provide tailored mock interviews specifically designed for medical school applicants. These services typically include one-on-one interview sessions with experienced interviewers who are well-versed in medical school admissions. Paid mock interview services may also offer detailed feedback and personalized advice on how to improve your interview performance. They provide a valuable opportunity for applicants to practice and refine their skills in a realistic setting, ensuring they are fully prepared for the actual medical school interview.

Paid mock interview services offer numerous benefits for medical school applicants. First, these services provide one-on-one interview sessions with experienced interviewers who are knowledgeable about medical school admissions. This personalized attention allows applicants to receive tailored feedback and advice on how to improve their interview performance. 

Additionally, paid mock interview services simulate a realistic interview environment, allowing students to practice in a low-pressure setting. This practice builds confidence and helps applicants identify and address weaknesses in their interview skills. Paid mock interview services are an invaluable tool for enhancing performance and increasing interview success!

Can Code Blue Essays MMI Interview Coaching help you?

Code Blue Essays MMI interview preparation includes more than just reviewing popular interview questions. To fully prepare, you must develop and practice critical thinking and communication skills. With the Code Blue Essays interview practice, we will create a system for addressing questions you will have to answer that will be easy, difficult, and everything in between. 

Code Blue Essays mock interviews include:

  • Reviewing appropriate interview etiquette
  • Mock simulations for practice
  • Feedback on your performance
  • Practice to help ease stress and uncertainty

We have developed a program, Interview Genius, that students have used to prepare for their medical school interviews. It is an online medical school interview prep program that you can do from anywhere, at any time. 

With Interview Genius you will get:

  • uncheckedA huge library of real medical school interview questions, updated yearly
  • uncheckedGenerated mock interviews on-demand
  • uncheckedInstant tips and ideas on how to most effectively answer each question
  • uncheckedRecorded videos of your responses that you can access later on
  • uncheckedPersonalized feedback from a licensed physician

MMIs include complex situation-based questions you might have a hard time preparing for without expert guidance. With our interview coaching services, you can get professional help with understanding and preparing strategies to be successful in your MMIs.