How to Answer Medical School Interview Questions


prepare for med school interview

Preparation for Medical School Interview Questions

During the medical school interview, an applicant is asked many questions. Many applicants are nervous before their interview because they are concerned about what they will be asked. Although it is not possible to know exactly what the interviewer will ask, there are many popular medical school interview questions. If an applicant prepares for these questions and has a good technique for answering interview questions, they will likely perform very well. This article will discuss some techniques for answering even the most difficult medical school interview questions.

Do Your Homework

It is imperative to prepare for the medical school interview ahead of time. Take time to review your personal statement. In addition, you should review your AMCAS application. Take note of any irregularities. You will almost certainly be asked about any grades below a B, disciplinary action, or leaves of absence on your record. If you are asked to explain any “red flags” in your history, be honest. State the reason for the issue. Then, explain to the interviewer what you learned from it. Most importantly, discuss the steps you have taken to ensure that a similar situation does not happen again.


Get a Second Opinion

In addition to reviewing your documents, arrange to do a mock interview prior to your actual interview date. This will give you the opportunity to identify and correct any areas of weakness in your interview technique. In addition, mock interviews allow you to hear some of the types of medical school interview questions that may be asked. Furthermore, your interview coach can help you prepare answers for some of the difficult questions.

Listen to the Question

The most important thing to remember during the medical school interview, it to listen carefully to the interviewer. Make sure you understand what he or she is asking. It is impossible to answer appropriately if you do not understand the question. Therefore, if you do not understand the question, ask the interviewer to repeat it. Once you understand the question, then proceed to answer the question that was asked of you. Although it is acceptable to provide the interviewer additional information, make sure that you answer the original question completely and clearly.

Take a Breath

Before you begin answering medical school interview questions, pause a moment to collect your thoughts. Think about how you will answer the question, and any examples you will provide. If you gather your thoughts before you begin speaking, you are more likely to give a well-organized and complete answer. Certainly, you do not want to sit in silence for too long before responding to the interviewer. However, a brief pause is perfectly acceptable, and a wise technique.


Make Eye Contact

Although you may be nervous, avoid the temptation to look at the ground when you are talking. Look at your interviewer while you are giving your responses. Good eye contact gives the impression that you are sincere. However, use caution not to stare intensely at your interviewer- this may be rather off-putting. Your goal is to appear friendly and professional.


Smile and Remember Your Manners

Medical school interviewers are people too. Therefore, like most people, they respond positively when somebody smiles at them. Greet your interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. When you are taken to the interview room, wait to be invited to be seated. In addition, remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. Your interviewer will be more likely to have a favorable impression of the interview if you project the image of a pleasant and well-mannered person.


Advance preparation will help you on interview day. If you take the time to  prepare for your interview, your medical school visit will go smoothly.



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