Choosing a Specialty- Quiz


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Choosing a Specialty Can be Difficult

Many future physicians have difficult choosing a specialty. There are so many options.  A simple method is to use our quick and easy quiz. Although the quiz is fun, it is probably not a good idea to base your future career solely on its outcome. Instead, here are some tips for successfully choosing a specialty that you will enjoy.

Take Your Time

Do not rush into any decisions. Some people believe they know what field they will enter before they have even started medical school. Although it is okay to have early career aspirations, do not be rigid. You will be exposed to many aspects of the healthcare field during medical school. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to be unsure of your career goals when you begin medical school. It is also okay to change your mind. You may enter medical school planning to become a dermatologist, but fall in love with emergency medicine instead.


Choose a Variety of Electives

The best way to choose a specialty is to experience as many fields as possible during medical school. For this reason, you must use your elective time wisely. Many students find it tempting to take a break during time away from the core rotations. However, this is not a good plan. Elective time is valuable. It may be your only opportunity to experience non-core specialties.


Consider an Away Rotation

If you have found a specialty that you like, consider doing a rotation in that field away from your home hospital. Medicine is an art as well as a science and there is significant variability between locations in how things are done. Many times, medical students judge a specialty based upon how well they get along with the other people on the rotation. A change of location can help you determine if you truly enjoy the specialty.


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