24 08, 2021

The Importance of Stress Management for Pre-Health Students  


As summer comes to a close and the school year is near, it’s more important than ever for pre-health students to balance productivity with the opportunity to recharge.    The busy lifestyle of Pre-health students   As a pre-health student, you have a to-do list a mile long, and that can feel overwhelming. The constant studying to get the grades and score well on the admissions tests can wear on you. Meanwhile, you’re trying to rack up extracurriculars to boost your resume and secure great letters of recommendation, and that can take up what seems like all your free time. Finally, there’s [...]

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15 11, 2017

Learning Medical Terms- Quiz


Becoming a doctor means learning a new language. It is no secret that medical professionals use large and confusing words. Although this may be the source of unending frustration to patients; medical terms can be fun. This quiz will test your knowledge of some common and not so common medical terms. Take the quiz and see if you are fluent in "doctor talk". Understanding Medical Terms Learning medical terminology is much like learning a new language. Medical students are often amazed at the volume of new words they encounter. If you would like to achieve fluency you will need to [...]

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28 10, 2017

Choosing a Specialty- Quiz


Choosing a Specialty Can be Difficult Many future physicians have difficult choosing a specialty. There are so many options.  A simple method is to use our quick and easy quiz. Although the quiz is fun, it is probably not a good idea to base your future career solely on its outcome. Instead, here are some tips for successfully choosing a specialty that you will enjoy. Take Your Time Do not rush into any decisions. Some people believe they know what field they will enter before they have even started medical school. Although it is okay to have early career aspirations, [...]

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