6 12, 2022

5 Residency Interview Tips


You’ve spent months preparing paperwork, doing research, taking your board exams, and submitting your applications—and it’s finally time for your residency interviews. These interviews give you the chance to find out more about the programs you’re interested in, as well as giving those programs a chance to really learn more about you.   Knowing how to prepare and what to anticipate during these interviews will only give you more confidence during these meetings.   So in this blog post, we want to talk about what to expect during your interview day and give you 5 tips to help you [...]

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28 10, 2017

Choosing a Specialty- Quiz


Choosing a Specialty Can be Difficult Many future physicians have difficult choosing a specialty. There are so many options.  A simple method is to use our quick and easy quiz. Although the quiz is fun, it is probably not a good idea to base your future career solely on its outcome. Instead, here are some tips for successfully choosing a specialty that you will enjoy. Take Your Time Do not rush into any decisions. Some people believe they know what field they will enter before they have even started medical school. Although it is okay to have early career aspirations, [...]

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23 10, 2016

Top 7 Tips for Writing a Convincing Residency Personal Statement


When applying for a residency position, you are competing against a large pool of talented physicians for a limited number of spots. Especially if you are entering a competitive specialty, it is very important to make your application stand out. The other candidates competing against you will have strong grades, test scores, and impressive letters of recommendation. A strong personal statement is the ideal way to distinguish yourself from the competition. A nicely written residency personal statement will certainly make your application stand out. In addition, it will make it apparent that you possess the experience, dedication, and personal qualities [...]

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