24 02, 2019

Still Waiting for an Invitation to Interview? What to Do


No Invitations to Interview? This time of the year is very exciting for medical school applicants. Social media is buzzing with people discussing the schools where they have interviewed or will soon be visiting. In addition, many applicants are joyously celebrating being accepted to medical school. Unfortunately not everybody who has applied is enjoying a similar experience. Like the people on social media, you too have spent the better part of a year completing primary applications, writing your personal statement, tracking transcripts and letters of recommendation, and completing seemingly endless secondary application questions. Then you wait. And wait. No schools [...]

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5 01, 2019

Webinar- Applying to Medical School


Get Access to the Webinar * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Tips for Applying to Medical School If you are planning on applying to medical school in the near future, you will need to have a solid plan. Each year, many qualified candidates are turned away from medical school due to avoidable errors that they made while applying. The medical school application process is long. In addition, the process is sometimes confusing. It is helpful to plan for your application well in advance. Fortunately we have put together a high-yield webinar to guide you through the [...]

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2 05, 2018

How to Conquer the Multiple Mini Interview


Increasingly, medical schools are using the multiple mini interview (MMI) to evaluate potential students. Although many medical school applicants are apprehensive about this format, the multiple mini interview is not difficult. In fact, many student report that the process is sometimes fun. Although you will not need any specific knowledge to perform well on the MMI, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process in order to give your best performance. What is the Multiple Mini Interview? The multiple mini interview is an interview format that is based on short activities. Typically, an applicant will cycle through [...]

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22 12, 2017

Medical School Interview Mistakes


How to Avoid Interview Mistakes The medical school interview is perhaps the most important part of the application process. Medical schools admit applicants who perform well during their interview. Conversely, if you make interview mistakes and give a poor performance, you are not likely to receive an acceptance letter. Therefore, it is worthwhile for you to become familiar with common medical school interview mistakes so that you can avoid them.   Mistake #1: Not Knowing What is in Your AMCAS Application Many interviewers will use the interview as an opportunity to clarify information from the AMCAS application. Therefore, it is [...]

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8 12, 2017

Common Reasons for Medical School Rejection


Unfortunately the majority of people who apply to medical school will not get in. For this reason, it is useful to be familiar with the common reasons for medical school rejection.  If you know why schools reject applicants, you can ensure that your application is strong prior to applying. Furtuermore, you can identify what went wrong if you are rejected from medical school. Error #1: Low Grades Although medical schools consider many factors when making admissions decisions, grades are still extremely important. If you have a very low gpa, you will find it difficult to gain admission to medical school. [...]

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26 10, 2017

How to Answer Medical School Interview Questions


Preparation for Medical School Interview Questions During the medical school interview, an applicant is asked many questions. Many applicants are nervous before their interview because they are concerned about what they will be asked. Although it is not possible to know exactly what the interviewer will ask, there are many popular medical school interview questions. If an applicant prepares for these questions and has a good technique for answering interview questions, they will likely perform very well. This article will discuss some techniques for answering even the most difficult medical school interview questions. Do Your Homework It is imperative to [...]

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18 10, 2017

Writing a Strong Follow-up Letter


Why Write a Follow-up Letter? It is medical school interview season. Medical school applicants are traveling around the country visiting cities that may become their home for the next four years. A medical school applicant may meet with five or more people at a single school. With the average applicant applying to over ten schools, this can mean a lot of interviews and a lot of people to meet. Therefore, many applicants wonder if they really must write a thank you letter to every person they interview with. The answer is yes. There are many reasons for writing a follow-up [...]

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11 10, 2017

The Benefit of Interview Coaching


The Medical School Interview is Vital The medical school interview is the final major hurdle in the medical school application process. After completing primary and secondary applications, a handful of medical school applicants are granted the honor of being invited for an interview. The interview is perhaps the most crucial portion of the application process. This is because schools often make final admissions decisions based on an applicant's interview performance. If a school grants an interview, that means that they are willing to offer that applicant admission. The applicant's performance on interview day will determine whether or not they receive [...]

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8 09, 2017

Medical School Interview Preparation


Interview Preparation Tips Medical school admission season is well underway. Many applicants are now beginning their medical school interview preparation. The medical school interview is usually the final step of the application process. If you perform well on your interview day, your chances of admission are very good. For this reason, it is very important to be prepared for your interview. Interviewing is a skill. Like most skills, it takes practice. Therefore, you should begin your interview preparation well in advance of your first interview. Interview Preparation Tip 1: Read Your Application The medical school interview is an opportunity for [...]

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