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Unlocking Medical School: Write a Personal Statement that Wins

The personal statement is an often neglected portion of the medical school application. Although this mistake is common, it can have extremely negative effects on an applicant’s chances of success. This high-yield and concise guide will lead medical school applicants through the step-by-step process of writing a strong personal statement. Many exercises, tips, and tricks are given to make the writing process quick and easy.
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The Painless Personal Statement:

A Road-Map to Success In Writing Admissions Essays For Medical Professionals

Introducing the only resource necessary for writing a winning personal statement. Includes step-by-step instructions from topic development, through final editing.


  • Brainstorming tools
  • Personal development exercises
  • Writing tips
  • Revision recommendations

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Childhood Vaccine Handbook

Pediatric immunizations are a source of frustration for many healthcare providers. Childhood Vaccine Handbook is a concise text and reference to simplify a complex subject. Covered topics include vaccine types, immunization schedule, catch-up immunization, contraindications, and combination vaccines.

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