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A Great Interview Makes The Difference Between Acceptance And Rejection. Get ready to claim your spot in medical school. 

Interview Genius Is The Smart Way To Prepare For Medical School Interviews 

If you have made it to the interview stage of the medical school admissions cycle, you should be proud of yourself. Medical schools only offer interviews to the candidates they are seriously considering for admission.  In addition, final admissions decisions are largely based on your interview performance. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you perform well on your medical school interview! If you give a strong interview, you have a great probability of being admitted to that medical school.

Interview Genius will give you the technique and help you build the skills necessary to impress even the toughest medical school admissions committees.

You Can Ace Your Medical School Interviews 

Interviewing is a skill. Like most skills, you become more proficient with practice. Interview Genius is a comprehensive program that will help you build the necessary skills to shine in any medical school interview.

  • Online course 
  • Interactive platform- create mock interviews on demand.
  • Record yourself answering interview questions and get personalized feedback from an expert physician.
  • Save your videos on your personal device or on our online portal to review later.
  • Proven question bank of real medical school interview questions.

Interview Genius 

Comprehensive, On-Demand Interview Prep 

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Insider Techniques and Tips

Do you struggle answering interview questions? Not anymore! Get expert insight on how to approach medical school interview questions and make yourself memorable.

Real Interview Questions

Don't be surprised by tricky interview questions. You'll get access to our large database of actual medical school interview questions. Each question has expert insight and guidance to ensure that you are on the right track.

Unlimited Mock Interviews 

Interview Genius gives you the power to create mock interviews on demand. The program will record video as you work your way through the question bank. Practice your virtual interview technique.

Video TuTorial

You’ll get access to 4 video lessons which will show you everything you need to know about medical school interviews. Includes effective technique for answering medical school interview questions, scheduling recommendations, wardrobe advice, and more.

1:1 Personalized Feedback

Forward your mock interview videos to our expert physicians to get personalized feedback. Your physician coach will partner with you to identify areas of weakness and provide an actionable plan for improvement. 

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Track Your Progress

Save your videos to your personal device or in our secure portal. Watch as your skills improve over time. 

Order Interview Genius

Interview Genius is available as a self-study course or get 1:1 coaching from an expert physician with our deluxe plans.

Self-Study Plans

Options for those who prefer independent study 

  • Self-paced course
  • Mock interview platform
  • Video storage 
  • Access to full question bank 
Deluxe plans

1:1 coaching from an expert physician  

  • Self-paced course
  • Mock interview platform
  • Enhanced Video storage 
  • Access to full question bank 
  • 1:1 Feedback and coaching from physician mentor

Get accepted to medical school!

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