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Code Blue Essays can help you edit your graduate school admission essay for your preferred science-related graduate program. Whether you are applying to a master’s or PhD program, your personal statement is a vital component of your application. Similarly, a strong application essay is vital for physical therapy, speech therapy, and other allied healthcare programs. A high quality personal statement can sway an undecided admissions committee towards admission. Conversely, a poorly executed essay can bar an otherwise good candidate from admission. Allow us to help you reach your goals with an excellent essay.

Importance of Graduate School Admission Essays

Day-by-day, the competition is increasing in the academic world. The essay required for graduate school admission is becoming more important than before. The graduate school admission essay is valuable to admissions committees because it provides insight into who you are beyond the grades and test scores that comprise the remainder of the application. If the essay is not written properly, it may lead to you receiving a rejection letter from your preferred graduate program.

Due to the increasing competitiveness of the job market, it is necessary to obtain advanced training in many science-related careers. An advanced degree from a highly-regarded graduate school will greatly increase your career prospects. It is a known fact that obtaining a Master’s degree or PhD will help you in getting a prestigious job and make you competitive for the best jobs in highly sought after fields.

If you have decided to pursue an advanced degree, it is wise to plan your admissions essay before beginning the writing process.  Although it may at first seem intimidating to write a graduate school admission essay, it will be a much easier process if you take the time to plan it out. We have included some suggestions for preparing your graduate school admission essay:

When evaluating potential students, graduate schools want to know an applicant’s career goals and if they are compatible with the program to which you are applying. They are interested in students whose career goals, interests, and values align well with the culture and philosophy of the school. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the program to which you are applying and tailor your essay so that it is evident from your writing that you will be a good match. You should take the time during your essay to discuss your academic interests and how they will translate to your future career.

Research experience is a very valuable attribute for prospective graduate students. If you have research experience, you should discuss it in your graduate school admission essay. If you have published any articles or presented poster presentations, it is useful to discuss this in your essay as well. Even if you do not have previous research experience, it can be very helpful to discuss any research interests you may have. Graduate programs value students with laboratory skills and an interest in research. Demonstrating your skills in this area will give you an edge over the competition.

Perhaps the most important portion of your graduate school admission essay is your practical experience. That is, the experiences of your life that make you very unique and qualified to be admitted to the program of your choice. Graduate schools want to admit students who are motivated, academically-curious, innovative, and goal-oriented. A strong graduate school admission essay will provide examples and anecdotes in which the candidate demonstrates motivation, curiosity, or other positive characteristics.  If you can demonstrate how you embody the characteristics valued by admissions committees, you will be one step closer to gaining admission to your preferred graduate school.

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Graduate School Admission Essay Editing Service

An excellent admissions essay can greatly improve your chances of being admitted to your preferred graduate program. Code Blue Essays can help you achieve your goals with our comprehensive review process. A graduate school admissions essay edited by Code Blue Essays will outshine the competition.

The initial step in the Code Blue Essays graduate school editing system is the primary review. During this process, a professional Code Blue Essays editor will meticulously review your admissions essay. During this first step, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are corrected. Although this step may seem simplistic, minor errors can negatively affect the way your essay is viewed by graduate schools. Minor errors can make you appear to be sloppy and uninterested; obviously, not characteristics you want to portray to schools. Code Blue Essays will help you make the right impression.

During the second step of the Code Blue Essays process, the admissions essay is reviewed for content. Your Code Blue Essays editor will meticulously review your admissions essay and provide detailed suggestions for improving the strength and effectiveness of your essay. The result will be a highly-convincing personal statement that proves that you are an ideal candidate for your top choice graduate program.

In the next step of the editing process, your admissions essay is carefully-evaluated once again from the beginning. This time, your editor is evaluating the sentence structure and the flow of your words. An essay that moves smoothly from one thought to the next is much more effective than one that does not. Code Blue Essays will adjust your wording to improve the flow of your essay while preserving your unique tone and writing style. In addition, any necessary re-organization of the essay will be completed during this step. This process will make your graduate school admissions essay powerful and pleasant to read.

During the final review, your editor will once again evaluate your essay from top to bottom. They will ensure that your essay is perfect and ready to withstand the scrutiny of a graduate school admissions committee. You will be proud to submit your application to graduate school when you have your admissions essay edited by Code Blue Essays. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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0-500 WORDS

  • 0-500 Words
  • Licensed Physician Reviewed
  • Grammar & Spelling Correction
  • Flow & Content Optimization

501-1200 WORDS

  • 501-1200 Words
  • Licensed Physician Reviewed
  • Grammar & Spelling Correction
  • Flow & Content Optimization

1201-1800 WORDS

  • 1201-1800 Words
  • Licensed Physician Reviewed
  • Grammar & Spelling Correction
  • Flow & Content Optimization

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  • 1801-2400 Words
  • Licensed Physician Reviewed
  • Grammar & Spelling Correction
  • Flow & Content Optimization
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