Graduate Admission Essays

Day-by-day, the competition is increasing in the academic world. The essay required for graduate school admission is becoming more important than before. The graduate school admission essay is valuable to admissions committees because it provides insight into who you are beyond the grades and test scores that comprise the remainder of the application. If the essay is not written properly, it may lead to you receiving a rejection letter from your preferred graduate program.


Graduate Application Essay Review Service

An excellent admissions essay can greatly improve your chances of being admitted to your preferred graduate program. Code Blue Essays can help you achieve your goals with our comprehensive review process. A graduate school admissions essay edited by Code Blue Essays will outshine the competition.

Our Comprehensive Essay Review System

We will take your graduate school personal statement draft and perfect it into an essay that you will be proud of. Your completed graduate school admissions essay will greatly enhance your application, and improve your chances of admission to your preferred school. We subject each essay to our thorough and exacting Four-Part Code Blue Essays Process:

Step 1

First, our editors will carefully examine your graduate school personal statement for any technical issues. We will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors during this initial step.

Step 2

Next, we evaluate your graduate school admissions essay for impact and effectiveness. Your editor will determine if your essay has a defined purpose, and if the writing effectively convinces the reader of its assertions. Our editors will adjust your wording and provide suggestions to strengthen your personal statement and improve your quality of writing.

Step 3

We will examine the flow of your personal statement during the third step of our graduate school personal statement editing process. During this phase, our editors will evaluate and improve the flow of your essay. We will make sure every part of your graduate school personal statement transitions smoothly and is pleasant to read.

Step 4

Finally, your professional editor will comprehensively review your personal statement to evaluate the impact of the essay. Your editor will adjust your essay to make it more compelling and help demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate for graduate school admission.


Graduate School Application Essay Editing Service


Here's What's Included:

  • Reviewed by a licensed physician 
  • Access to secure portal  
  •  Spelling & Grammar Correction
  • Improve Organization
  • Enhance Clarity and Precision of Writing
  • Feedback on Content
  • Includes Free Revision