Will Your Secondary Applications Withstand The Scrutiny Of Medical Schools? 

medical school secondary application

The Importance Of Secondary Applications

Medical schools send out secondary applications to prospective students in the second step of the medical school application process. They serve the purpose of identifying candidates who are best suited for admission to medical school. Unlike the primary application, each medical school has their own secondary application. In most cases, the secondary application consists of several short essays on specific questions.

The majority of highly competitive medical schools use secondary applications. Some schools send a secondary application to all their applicants. Other schools prefer to review the primary AMCAS application first, then send secondary applications to selected students. Regardless of the medical school's method for selecting students to receive secondary applications, your performance on the secondary application is critical in determining if you will advance to the interview phase of the application cycle.

The secondary application is an opportunity for you to further highlight your individual talents and characteristics, and demonstrate why you would be a great fit for a medical school.

Medical School Secondary Application Editing

Professional review and feedback performed by expert physicians

medical school secondary application

A Strong Secondary Application Is Essential!

Code Blue Essays will help you expand on the themes introduced in your personal statement, assist you in writing strong secondary essays, and improve your chances at an interview.

Experience Our Thorough And Effective Editing Process

Initial Overview

The first step of the medical school secondary essay editing process is the initial overview. During this process, we review the essay for basic mechanics. Our editors will correct any spelling and grammar errors. Applicants appear careless when they make simple errors of this sort, so it is of utmost importance that your essay is edited.

Content Evaluation

Medical schools are looking for specific answers to their questions, so the content of the secondary application is especially important. Our editors maintain active licenses as physicians and know what medical schools want to hear in secondary essays, so they will carefully evaluate the applicant’s answers to the questions. The editor will then provide recommendations for improving the content of the essay and make it align with the expectations of the admissions committee.

Writing Efficacy

During the writing efficacy portion of the review process, our editors will evaluate the essay for organization, flow, and impact. Our editors will provide any necessary reworking of your essay to make it a more pleasurable and efficient reading experience. We will help you craft a persuasive, organized, and effective essay so you’ll convince a medical school that you are an ideal candidate for admission.

Final Review

Finally, the essay is reevaluated in its entirety to ensure that it is in superb condition and will withstand the scrutiny of a medical school admissions committee. You will be proud to submit your secondary essays after they have been subjected to our Code Blue review process.

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