Nuts and Bolts

When you encounter the Work and Activities section in the AAMC portal, you will be prompted to enter the pertinent information regarding your activity.

Experience Type:

From the drop-down menu in the application, you will be able to choose the category that best describes your experience. If your activity is not represented in the choices offered, simply choose ‘other’.

Experience Name & Details:

Give your activity a title. Ideally, it should be simple, short, and descriptive of your activity- like ‘Physician Shadowing’. You  will also be asked to provide contact information for the activity. Although it is uncommon for medical schools to verify your activities, it does happen. Therefore, it is important to provide the correct contact information for your supervisor- or someone who can verify your participation in your activity.


It is important to enter the hours that you spent on the listed activity during the dates listed. If the activity is ongoing, you may document the number of hours that you expect to devote to the activity.