When Your Medical School Application is Unsuccessful

You’ve spent the better part of a year completing primary applications, writing your personal statement, tracking transcripts and letters of recommendation, and completing seemingly endless secondary application questions. Then you wait. And wait. You become concerned when your friends and acquaintances on social media begin discussing their interview invitations and you have yet to receive one… Or perhaps you have been invited on some interviews but you have not heard from the schools since then. You begin to suspect that your application cycle will end unsuccessfully.

Application Troubleshooting

It is understandable to be disappointed if your application cycle ends without any admissions offers from medical schools. However, do not despair. Most people who apply to medical school do not give in. Furthermore, many people who are rejected from medical school are excellent candidates. You are in very good company. Often, the reason that an applicant fails to secure admission to medical school has little to do with their ability to become a physician. Rather, these unsuccessful applicants have made one or more missteps during their application season. Therefore, by performing application troubleshooting, a formerly unsuccessful applicant will be able to identify what went wrong during their previous application cycle. They can use this knowledge to improve themselves and gain admission to medical school during a future admissions cycle.

application troubleshooting

Unfortunately it can be difficult for an applicant to perform their own application troubleshooting. Most likely, you are unsure where your medical school bid went wrong. In addition, there are many potential reasons that a medical school applicant will not be admitted.

Code Blue Essays Can Help

Our medical school admissions experts at Code Blue Essays will help you with your application troubleshooting. Your consultant will thoroughly review all your application materials then provide you with a detailed report of what likely went wrong during your application cycle. In addition, they will give you an actionable plan to improve your chances of being accepted to medical school in a subsequent application cycle. If you are serious about becoming a physician, don’t give up on your dreams. Order your application troubleshooting plan today!

Application Troubleshooting

  • In-depth review of application materials
  • Identification of weaknesses
  • Actionable plan for improvement