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The Importance of a Perfect Medical School Application

The American Medical Colleges Application Service or AMCAS is a centralized application processing service . AMCAS manages the applications for the majority of medical schools in the United States. If you are planning a career in medicine, you must make sure that your AMCAS application is pristine. A medical school applicant who makes just a few errors on their medical school application can reduce their chances of acceptance significantly. Furthermore, once the AMCAS application is submitted, only a few sections are able to be updated or edited. Therefore, it is vitally important that applicants ensure that their application for medical school is perfect before they submit it.

The Code Blue Essays AMCAS Application Review Package

Smart medical school applicants want to be certain that their application is competitive before they submit to AMCAS. It is for this reason that Code Blue Essays offers an exclusive application review service. Code Blue Essays has therefore developed a comprehensive application service for prospective medical students. We cater exclusively to applicants who are preparing for medical school and who want to have an edge on the competition. Our AMCAS application review service provides students with a thorough review of their medical school application. The professional editors at Code Blue Essays will thoroughly evaluate the medical school application and will provide suggestions for improvement . In addition, we will advise customers of this service if their application is ready to submit. If it is not yet ready for submission, our editors will provide concrete steps to get the application ready for submission. Furthermore, every application is reviewed by a licensed physician.

Exclusive Medical School Application Service

Code Blue Essays’ AMCAS application review package provides these valuable services:

  • Review of short answers
  • Personal statement assessment
  • Evaluation of curriculum vitae

At Code Blue Essays, a licensed physician reviews every application. In addition, our editors specialize in medical education. Our services are thorough, timely, and cost-effective.  You will submit your AMCAS application with pride after using our service. The competition for medical school is tough. Therefore, do not wait- see how Code Blue Essays can help you today.



  • Evaluation of Short Answers
  • Personal Statement Review
  • CV assessment
  • General Proofreading
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