The Importance of a Perfect AMCAS Application for Medical School

The American Medical Colleges Application Service or AMCAS is a centralized application processing service . AMCAS manages the applications for the majority of medical schools in the United States. If you are planning a career in medicine, you must make sure that your AMCAS application is pristine. A medical school applicant who makes even a few errors on their medical school application can reduce their chances of acceptance significantly. Furthermore, once the AMCAS application is submitted, only a few sections are able to be updated or edited. Therefore, it is vitally important that you ensure that your application for medical school is perfect before you submit it. You have spent a lot of time preparing for medical school. Do not let a silly error prevent you from getting accepted to medical school.

medical school amcas application

Navigating the AMCAS application can sometimes be confusing. Many medical school applicants make errors when completing their initial application. This can have a negative impact on their entire interview cycle. Therefore it is a great idea to get assistance with your application. Code Blue Essays specializes in medical school admissions. We will help you achieve your career goals.

The Code Blue Essays AMCAS Application Review Package

Smart medical school applicants want to be certain that their application is competitive before they submit to AMCAS. It is for this reason that Code Blue Essays offers our exclusive medical school application review service. We understand that you put a lot of effort in preparing to apply to medical school and your application needs to show you in your best light. Therefore, Code Blue Essays developed this comprehensive application service for prospective medical students. We cater exclusively to applicants who are preparing for medical school who are serious about getting admitted.

Our AMCAS application review service provides applicants with a thorough review of their medical school application. We will help you get your application ready to withstand the scrutiny of the most demanding medical school admissions committee. The professional editors at Code Blue Essays thoroughly evaluate your medical school application and will help you make the necessary improvements to be an outstanding candidate for medical school. In addition, this application package includes our exclusive personal statement editing service. At Code Blue Essays, every application is reviewed by a licensed physician.

Exclusive Medical School Application Service

Code Blue Essays’ AMCAS application review package provides these valuable services:

  • Review short answers and provide improvements
  • Personal statement review and editing
  • Evaluation of curriculum vitae
  • Personalized advice for success in the application cycle

At Code Blue Essays, a licensed physician reviews every medical school application and essay. In addition, our editors specialize in medical education and are very aware of what is necessary to gain admission to medical school. Our services are thorough, timely, and cost-effective. You will submit your AMCAS application with pride after using our service. The competition for medical school is tough. Give yourself the advantage of a strong AMCAS application for medical school.



  • Evaluation of Short Answers
  • Personal Statement Review and Editing
  • CV assessment
  • Personalized Advice and Tips
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This service greatly improved the flow and sound to my first draft of my personal statement. It made the overall content stronger without losing the content that was already there.

Chase F.


I'm so impressed. I sent a copy of my "final" draft personal statement for medical school and once getting the edits back I was so so happy I decided to have code blue essays edit it. They made it so much clearer and easy to read. I would highly recommend using their service if you're looking for the best quality essays!

Abigail F.


I have had several people look at my essay prior to Dr. Matthews, but the comments and suggestions provided were at times very confusing, and difficult to incorporate in my essay. Dr. Matthews explained the revision in a way that was extremely concise and easy to incorporate. Thank you so much for the excellent service!

Risa L.