22 08, 2023

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Medical School: A Guide for Pre-Med and Med Students


Medical school can be an incredibly challenging experience for pre-med and medical students, and imposter syndrome can make the journey even more difficult. Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where individuals doubt their abilities and accomplishments, and feel like they are frauds in their field of study.  In this blog post we want to provide tips for pre-med and medical students on how to overcome imposter syndrome in order to succeed in medical school… Understanding Imposter Syndrome According to research, up to 25% of male medical students and nearly half of female medical students experience imposter syndrome. This feeling of [...]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Medical School: A Guide for Pre-Med and Med Students2023-10-31T03:00:36-04:00
8 08, 2023

How to Get Accepted As A Non-Traditional Medical Student


Are you a prospective non-traditional medical student looking to get accepted into medical school? You may be wondering how to stand out from the competition in medical school admissions. Luckily, there are creative ways to make yourself shine in the application process. With the help of Code Blue Essays, you can learn how to utilize your unique story to your advantage and increase your chances of getting accepted into the medical school of your dreams.  Here’s what you need to know about how to get accepted into medical school the non-traditional way… The Traditional Path to Medical School The traditional [...]

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16 05, 2023

FAQ: Medical School Letters of Recommendation


Letters of recommendation are an effective and important part of the medical school application. They are usually submitted with your AMCAS application and come from a professor at an academic institution or someone who works with you in extracurriculars. Letters of recommendation provide a professional’s opinion of you, aside from your own claims or opinion of yourself that a friend or relative might have of you.  They give a summary of your unique skills and can have a big impact on admissions committees. A great letter gives the admissions committee insight into the person and student you are and the [...]

FAQ: Medical School Letters of Recommendation2023-11-01T02:36:01-04:00
2 05, 2023

Why is your Personal Statement so important?


Your medical school application essay, known as the personal statement, is one of the most important sections of your medical school application. It’s the key factor that determines whether or not you will be invited to interview! Some people may also argue that the personal statement is even more important than the interview. With thousands of applications that come into a medical school, only roughly 16% of students get offered an interview.  And one of the biggest obstacles a prospective student needs to stand out is with their personal statement. It’s a pivotal factor in the medical school admissions process, [...]

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7 02, 2023

9 Jobs that enhance your medical school application


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] As a premed student it’s important to find jobs that both pay well and look good on your medical school application. Admission into medical school is getting more and more competitive, so if you can land a job that enhances your application, gives you real world experience, and even provides you an opportunity to begin learning about medical things, then you can have an advantage!   So, which jobs and experience are most important for your application, and how do you land these?   First, look into positions that are paid that also qualify as premed required work [...]

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27 12, 2022

A tool every medical school student needs…


As a medical school student there is always so much to learn– some say it’s like getting fed information from a firehose! Fast, furious and so much information at one time! No college course can prepare you for the intense studying and learning you’ll have to do, and it’s common for many students to feel overwhelmed, anxious or even frustrated during the first year. Have you ever felt you are missing crucial information? Or that you might not be remembering everything you need to be? Luckily, there are many resources and books that can help you! And one of them [...]

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17 05, 2022

Are You Showing Admissions Committees the Best Version of You?


At Code Blue Essays, we have watched as medical admissions have become more competitive than ever. We know that as it gets tougher to gain admission to medical school, candidates have to submit an application showing admissions committees their best. We have been helping students do just that since 2014. Keep reading for ways you can transform your application from “good” to great!  Choosing Clinical Experiences  Good: Getting the required 100 hours of clinical experience in one summer shadowing a family friend who is a physician, and then turning your attention to maintaining your grades and focusing on the MCAT.  [...]

Are You Showing Admissions Committees the Best Version of You?2023-11-07T02:37:04-05:00
15 02, 2022

Your Personal Statement: Where To Start?


Your Personal Statement: Where To Start? If you are planning to apply to medical school, you probably know that your personal statement is one of the core components of your application. Along with the unique experiences on your CV, your personal statement makes you an individual during the admissions process. With more than 60,000 applicants in 2021-2022, and even more expected for the 2022-2023 application cycle, your personal statement is prime real estate for you to sell yourself. It’s the one place where you can speak directly to admissions officers.   Simple, right? At Code Blue Essays, we think it can [...]

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2 02, 2022

How To Use Code Blue Essays’ Clinical Experience Journal To Level-Up Your Clinical Experience!


Imagine the following scenario: An anxious pre-med student walks into her first day shadowing a family practice physician. Immediately, she thinks, “This is what I want my future to look like!” She spends 3 hours meeting clinic staff and interacting with patients. Today is her first experience in a clinic, and it’s a little overwhelming. It's also enthralling! She leaves knowing that her decision to pursue a pre-med degree is validated, and she is excited to return for her next shift. As time passes, her clinical experience whizzes by, and she can look back on it as a success. She [...]

How To Use Code Blue Essays’ Clinical Experience Journal To Level-Up Your Clinical Experience!2023-11-07T03:24:40-05:00
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