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27 09, 2018

The Value of a Pre-Medical Conference


If you are interested in attending medical school or pursuing a career in healthcare, it is a great idea to attend a pre-medical conference. Many conferences are offered at various times around the country. Attendees gain many benefits from their participation. What is a Pre-medical Conference? Pre-medical conferences are events geared towards disseminating information to students who are interested in a healthcare career. These conferences typically include presentations on a variety of admissions topics. For example, many conferences have discussions on MCAT preparation, strategies for being a successful medical student, and interview skills. In addition, conference attendees also have the [...]

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10 04, 2018

The CASPer Test- What Premeds Should Know


What is the CASPer Test? The CASPer test is a computerized situational judgement test. CASPer was designed to test non-academic skills of applicants to professional programs. It was developed by researchers at McMaster University, and it was used by their medical school beginning in 2010. Since then it has been adopted by several US and Canadian medical, dental, and nursing schools. Schools have begun using this test as a screening tool during the early part of their application process. Situational Judgement Tests A situational judgement test is a type of psychological test. It presents the test taker with a series [...]

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27 01, 2018

Effective Time Management for Medical School


How to Perform Well in Medical School and Enjoy Life Time management is one of the most important skills for future physicians to master. Medical education is a time-consuming process. Medical students must find a way to attend classes, study, and attend to their normal life activities. If you do not have a plan to get all your tasks completed, you will be overworked, frustrated, and stressed. However, if you learn to manage your time you will be much happier.   Time Management Tip#1: Keep a Schedule You will be more organized and efficient if you keep a schedule. Medical [...]

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29 11, 2017

Managing Application Blemishes


Application blemishes are a frequent topic of concern for those interested in pursuing a healthcare career. Many applicants to medical school or dental school worry that blemishes on their record will prevent them from being admitted. Whether these concerns are valid depends largely on the type of errors the applicant has in their past. In most cases, academic mishaps are manageable and an applicant can be achieve admission. However, a student with a  significant legal history may have more difficulty being accepted to professional school. Regardless of the type of application blemishes a student has, it is helpful to prepare [...]

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