Medical School Admissions Secrets Webinar

Coming January 21, 2017

Learn important secrets to improve your chances of getting in to medical school.

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Medical school admissions are extremely competitive. If you do not have a strategy, your chances of success are very low. Most people think that the recipe for getting admitted to medical school is a combination of strong academics and a solid MCAT score. Although grades and test scores are certainly important, they are not the only thing medical schools are looking for when deciding who to admit. Code Blue Essays will present the Medical School Admissions Secrets webinar on January 21, 2017. The presentation will discuss some of the lesser known, but vitally important things you will need to do to attract the attention of medical schools. Topics will include:

  • How to distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Application strategies
  • Why some well-qualified candidates do not get admitted
  • The future of medical school admissions- and how to use it to your advantage today

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