The Personal Statement is a Vital Part of the  Medical School  Application 

Do You Need Help Writing Your Personal Statement?

  • Most medical school applicants struggle with their personal statement.
  • Many admissions officers will not continue to read a personal statement that fails to capture their interest in the first paragraph.
  • If you perform poorly on the personal statement, you will severely harm your chances of admission to medical school.
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Hi, I'm Allison Matthews MD, the owner and founder of Code Blue Essays. I know the ingredients of a winning personal statement- and I want to share them with you!

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The Good News is That Writing A Personal Statement Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

Although it is essential that you perform well on your personal statement, doing so does not have to be a stressful ordeal. If you follow this simple medical school personal statement advice, you will be in a much better position than your peers.

The truth is that medical schools are looking for specific elements in a medical school personal statement. If you don't include them, your application will suffer. However, it is simple to fulfill these unwritten requirements, if you are aware of them.  

Although nobody admits it, medical schools are looking for certain things in a personal statement.  Although common refrains among premed advisors regarding the medical school personal statement are "write about whatever is important to you" or "just be yourself", they are neglecting the most important piece of wisdom: 'Make sure you address the unwritten questions!'

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The Unwritten Questions- The Secret to Successful Medical School Personal Statements

Although common refrain among premed advisors are "just write about what's important to you" and "be yourself", these statements fail to impart the most important medical school personal statement advice: be sure to thoroughly and completely answer the unwritten questions!

Question 1: Why do you want to be a physician instead of any other type of healthcare professional?

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Although the fact that you are applying shows that you want to be a physician, medical schools are very interested in learning your motivation. Use your personal statement to describe how you discovered the physician role and discuss its appeal for you. 

Failing to state one's motivation to become a physician is a very common medical school personal statement error. This is a very serious problem and should be remedied immediately. There should never be doubt in a reader's mind why you want to become a physician after reading your personal statement.

Question 2: How do you know that becoming a physician is the right choice for you?

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 TV shows often portray the job of the doctor as a position of power, cutting-edge research, luxury and prestige. In reality, the life of a physician is much less exciting and glamorous. Although it can be a fulfilling career, it is often difficult. Medical schools want to know that you understand the reality of what you are getting yourself into. (Ultimately, medical schools want to show that they are successful by having high graduation rates. If students become disillusioned with the medicine and do not continue in their program, reflects badly on them.) Use your personal statement to show your understanding of the physician's role and demonstrate your experience with relating to patients.

Your Personal Statement is the Perfect Place to Showcase Your Clinical Experience

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You can use examples from your clinical experiences to add strength to your personal statement. 

Provide Evidence to Support Your Points 

Many students make the mistake of not providing supporting evidence. As you write your personal statement, you will tell your readers all sorts of wonderful things about yourself.  Unfortunately, they will have very little reason to believe you...  In fact, they won't- unless you provide them proof.  

A great way to add weight to your personal statment is to use stories to provide evidence and support your assertions. This is also a really nice way to highlight a your clinical experience in your personal statment. Although AMCAS allots a small amount of space to describe your clinical time in the 'Activities and Experiences' section of the primary application, the medical school personal statment is the ideal place to elaborate on the uniquely important aspects of your clinical work. 

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It is much more powerful to give examples than to simply make a statement.  For example, instead of stating that you are well-suited to medicine due to your compassionate nature, you could describe a patient encounter in which you showed compassion. 

Follow the 3 Steps to Success

Although AMCAS doesn't give specific medical school personal statement requirements, other than the 5,300 character limit, medical schools definitely expect a specific format for your essay. Resist the urge to make your essay stand out by deviating from this format. (Your unique content will make your essay memorable- not the format.)  Medical school personal statments should open with a brief ancedote to capture the reader's attention. The opening story can be about almost anything you want, but it must be interesting have a theme that is relatable to the rest of your essay. The next few paragraphs of your essay contain the substance of your personal statement. This is where you will answer the unwritten questions and provide evidence of your suitabilty to become an excellent physician. Finally, your essay will conclude with a ending paragraph which ties all your ideas together. It also is a good idea to briefly mention your future goals in this section. Keep this new information intentionally brief.   Your goal here is to make medical schools want to get to know you more and invite you for an interview!

Open with an interesting and relevent story.

Throroughly answer the unwritten questions and highlight your best features.

Tie your ideas together and briefly mention future goals. Make the reader want to get to know you better.

Your Personal Statement Must Accomplish Three Things:

  • Create Interest 
    What are the points about? Anything you want. This could be a summary of the page so far, for example (remember those scanners?).
  • Answer Unwritten Questions.You can think of the layouting/formatting task on a sales page in this way: the goal is to present nice, appetizing, bite-sized morsels for your reader. Don't hit them over the head with big words or long paragraphs. Make it easy and fun to experience your sales page.
  • Make Them Want More.That's the result you should aim for with your content. Once your reader understands the story and all the points you've made, they will truly understand the value of your product (or service, or whatever you're selling).
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The Key Step to Personal Statement Success

That's it! If you do the steps outlined above you will have all the ingredients to write a good medical school personal statement...  However, if you really want a successful medical school personal statement, an additional step is required; you need a personal statement editor

The Importance of Professional Personal Statement Editing

Perhaps you are asking yourself “why should I pay for a medical school personal statement editing service?” The answer is simple: you are paying for quality and experience. When you work with a Code Blue Essays editor, you will receive premium services. Your editor will be a physician who has successfully navigated the pathway to medical school. They have the experience and knowledge to give you the best medical school personal statement editing service possible. In addition, we require all of our editors to study the latest research on medical education. Therefore, your editor will be knowledgeable of the most recent medical school admissions statistics and trends, and will use this information to guide you to success. You may be able to get a relative or friend to review your personal statement for free; however, they are not equipped to provide expert editing services.

The majority of medical school applicants are rejected. In this environment, are you willing to take a chance with an amateur? You have worked hard to get to where you are today, and you deserve the best chance at being admitted to medical school. Professional medical school personal statement editing is a smart investment in your future. Sign up for an editing package today.

You Deserve the BEST Personal Statement Editing Service

Code Blue Essays: Medical School Personal Statement Editing Service

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The Code Blue Essays Advantage:

Personal statements for medical professionals are unique. Unlike admissions essays for non-medical programs, which tend to only focus on experiences, a medical personal statement needs to emphasize the author’s character. Admissions committees are looking for candidates with particular character traits, such as determination, maturity, and empathy. Code Blue Essays will ensure you present yourself in a manner most likely to be viewed favorably by a medical school admissions committee. Code Blue Essays distinguishes itself from other editing services in that it caters exclusively to medical professionals. We understand what it takes to get into medical school, and we will help you get there.

Our Editors Are Doctors Too

We are extremely knowledgeable about the unique requirements of a medical school personal statement. Our editors have earned medical degrees and are licensed physicians. They have experience successfully-applying to medical school, and have unique skills and qualifications to help you with your medical school application. You will receive the thorough and personalized attention you deserve when working with Code Blue Essays.

First, we review your personal statement to correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Next, we comprehensively evaluate your essay for impact and effectiveness. Then, we adjust your personal statement to present you as an ideal candidate. In addition, you will receive a personalized evaluation of your essay and suggestions for further improvement.

You are taking one of the most important steps of your life when you apply to medical school. Therefore, do not entrust your personal statement to an editor who does not know the difference between a hematoma and hemoptysis. Medical professionals have a unique vocabulary and Code Blue Essays speaks your language. 

The Medical School Personal Statement Editing Process

Code Blue Essays will take your personal statement draft and perfect it. We will transform your essay into a personal statement that you will be proud of. Your finished essay will greatly enhance your medical school application, and improve your chances of admission to your preferred school. We subject each essay to the thorough and exacting Four-Part Code Blue Essays Process:

Step 1

First, our editors will first carefully examine your medical school personal statement for any technical errors. We will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors during this initial step.

Step 2

Next, we evaluate your medical school personal statement for impact and effectiveness. The editor will determine if the essay has a defined purpose and if the writing effectively convinces the reader of its assertions. Our editors will adjust the wording and provide suggestions to strengthen the essay and improve the quality of writing.

Step 3

Next, we will examine the flow of the personal statement during the third step of the Code Blue Essays Process. During this phase, our editors will evaluate and improve the flow of the essay. We will make sure every part of the essay transitions smoothly and is pleasant to read.

Step 4

Finally, a professional editor comprehensively reviews the personal statement to evaluate the impact of the essay. The editor will adjust the essay to make it more compelling and give the student the best chance at medical school admission.

Medical School Personal Statement Editing

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Dr. Alison Matthews is a board-certified pediatrician. She is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Afterwards, she matched into her top choice residency program at the Cleveland Clinic. When she is not helping students achieve their goals of getting into medical school, she provides urgent care services for children from birth to late adolescence. Dr. Matthews is able to provide routine preventative care for healthy children as well as meet the needs of children with complex medical conditions. She also has additional training in endocrinology and has a special interest in caring for patients with growth concerns.

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Even accomplished writers benefit from the use of a personal statment editor.  Admissions essays are a unique type of writing that serve a specific purpose. A strong medical school personal statement must highlight the applicant’s accomplishments and show that they are extremely intelligent, capable, and likable. The professional editors at Code Blue Essays know what medical schools are looking for. We will help you write a successful medical school personal statement to get you admitted to your preferred school.

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