Medical School Personal Statement Help

Why Professional Editing is Important

All savvy prospective medical students recognize the importance of the personal statement. Personal statements allow applicants to share details about themselves that are not found in the AMCAS application. The personal statement allows the admissions committee to get an understanding of who the applicant is as a person. A good personal statement can secure a coveted interview spot and greatly increase an applicant’s chances of admission. Due to the importance of the admissions essay, all medical school applicants should employ the services of a qualified editor. There are many options for editing so many people are unsure about where to turn for medical school personal statement help.

An editor provides applicants with vital medical school personal statement help. They can provide an objective evaluation of the applicant’s work and give suggestions on how to improve the personal statement. In addition, they will be able identify and any typographical errors that may have been overlooked. While most prospective medical students see the value in having another person review their personal statement, many make the mistake of failing to enlist the expertise of a professional. Securing acceptance to medical school is much too important to risk using a substandard editor. While it may initially seem like a good idea to utilize family, professors, friends, or internet message boards for editing services, this is generally unwise. Although they may offer their opinion at no cost, these individuals generally are ill-informed about the expectations of medical schools. While they may be able to improve the quality of the writing, non-professional editors will not be able to provide suggestions to make the essay more effective in securing medical school admission. Therefore, when looking for someone to provide medical school personal statement editing, it is important to choose a professional.

Further complicating matters, is the fact that there are many professional editors available. However, not all editors will give the individualized attention and quality of work required for medical school personal statements. The following tips can assist medical school applicants in choosing a qualified editor to provide medical school personal statement help.

Knowledgeable About Medical School Admissions

It is imperative that the professional editor understands medicine and the medical school admissions process. Many editing companies will edit medical school essays, but are completely ignorant about healthcare. Many of these companies employ recent college graduates to provide editing services. They will be unable to provide the specialized services required by a future physician. Instead, opt for an editing company that exclusively services healthcare professionals. Ideally, choose a company that uses physicians as editors. They were once applicants to medical school and succeeded. They understand the requirements of a medical school admissions essay and will ensure quality results.



Choose a professional editor that is thorough in their job. Many services only provide basic editing services. They will fix grammar and spelling errors, but leave the remainder of the essay untouched. This is not very useful. A good editor will completely re-work a personal statement, if necessary, to improve the effectiveness and power of the writing. In addition, some editors will point out weak points of an essay; but only the best editors will provide concrete suggestions on how to make the writing better.


Preserves Original Voice

Every person is unique. Therefore, everyone has their own individual voice when they write. In order for a personal statement to be most effective in gaining the favor of the medical school admissions committee, the author’s voice must be heard. It is therefore imperative that an editor preserve the author’s voice during the editing process. Only the most proficient editors are able to accomplish this difficult but necessary task.



Most editing services provide an very impersonal experience- a customer submits their essay and the edited version is returned to them when the process is complete. There is no direct communication with the editor. Exceptional professional editors will directly answer the customer’s questions and give helpful writing tips and suggestions.

After reviewing the services of many professional editing companies, Code Blue Essays stands out as the best company for prospective medical students. This company provides services exclusively to those in the healthcare field. Editing is performed by physicians and the prices are very reasonable. The medical school application process is long, labor intensive, and expensive. All medical school applicants should give themselves the best chance of success by utilizing the services of a professional medical school personal statement editor.

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