Who is Considered a Reapplicant?

Professional medical programs are extremely competitive. For this reason, many students fail to gain acceptance to medical school, dental school, or their program of choice. Although rejection can be devastating, it is not a reason to give up on your career goals. If you have experienced one or more unsuccessful application cycles, you will be considered a reapplicant by schools during any subsequent admissions cycles.


Reapplicants Face Unique Challenges

Although many strong and talented students are rejected from medical and dental programs, reapplicants face additional challenges. Many schools place additional scrutiny on reapplicants. In addition, many reapplicants struggle with self-doubt and are unsure about how to become a stronger candidate. Overall, reapplicants tend to be less likely to be admitted than candidates who are applying for the first-time.


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How We Can Help

Code Blue Essays' reapplicant services will help you recover from an unsuccessful application cycle. We will analyze your previous application to help you identify the reasons you were not successful. Next, our admissions consultants will provide you with a detailed plan to improve yourself as a candidate. In addition, we will assist you with your subsequent application and ensure that you present yourself in the strongest manner possible.

  • Identify weaknesses
  • Reduce stress
  • Become a stronger candidate
  • Improve chances of admission
Reapplicant Service- Standard



  • Review of Previous Application
  • Identification of Weaknesses
  • Suggestions for Improvement
  • Review of Primary Application Short Answers
  • Personal Statement Editing
  • Secondary Essay Editing (3 Schools)