Application Tips for Medical School


The season for medical school applications is about to start. In order to have a successful application cycle, it is necessary to have a good plan of action. This article will discuss some of the most important application tips for medical school.


Tip #1: Apply Early

Perhaps the most important of the application tips for medical school is to apply early. The vast majority of medical schools have rolling admissions. This means that they accept candidates as soon as they determine that they are a good fit, rather than waiting until they have reviewed every application of the year. For this reason, you have a much greater probability of being accepted to medical school if you apply early in the application season instead of waiting until the final deadline.


Tip #2: Take Your MCAT Early

In most cases, a medical school will not review an initial application until the MCAT score is reported. For this reason, it is very important that you take the MCAT early enough that the scores will be reported at the time of your application. If you plan to retake the MCAT, you do not need to postpone your application until you do so. There is space on the application to indicate the date of the future test. If you have not yet taken the MCAT, you will need to perform a careful self-assessment. If you are a strong candidate with an outstanding grade point average, significant research experience, and solid letters of recommendation, it may be worthwhile to apply anyway. Even though your application will be delayed, you may still be able to win acceptance to medical school this cycle. For candidates with less exceptional stats, it may be in your best interest to postpone your application until the next cycle.


Tip #3: Apply to Many Schools

Another important application tip for medical school is to apply to as many schools as possible. Many prospective medical students fail to achieve admission to medical school simply because they did not have a good application strategy. You may have already chosen which school you would like to attend, or you may have a strong desire to go to a school in a particular geographic area. However, if your goal is to only go through one medical school application cycle, you must look beyond these desires. While you should certainly apply to your dream school(s), you should also apply to many other schools. Statistically, you will have a higher chance of being admitted to a medical school if you apply to many of them.


Tip #4: Take the Personal Statement Seriously

Medical schools want to admit well-rounded people. Your AMCAS application provides ample information about your academic prowess. Your personal statement is the perfect opportunity to discuss aspects of yourself that are not related to medicine. If you have a hobby that you would like to write about, it could make for a very unique personal statement that stands out from the others. No matter what topic you decide to write about, you should always discuss what you learned from the experience or how the it affected you. You should also mention how this knowledge will help you during medical school or during your career as a physician. Remember to keep your personal statement concise and interesting. It is also wise to have your personal statement professionally edited before you submit it. A professional editor will ensure your essay gives you your best chance at medical school admission.

Tip #5: Monitor the status of your application

You are responsible for being vigilant about the status of your AMCAS application. You can check the progress of your application by going to the ‘account information’ section on the main menu once you log on to the AMCAS site. Click on the ‘detail’ link to see the application status. If there are pieces of your application missing, you may need to send a gentle reminder to your university, or the writers of your letters of recommendation.


Applying to medical school is a long and often frustrating process. It is much easier if you have a plan of action. Keep in mind these five application tips for medical school and you will find the process much easier.