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5 01, 2019

Webinar- Applying to Medical School


Get Access to the Webinar * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Tips for Applying to Medical School If you are planning on applying to medical school in the near future, you will need to have a solid plan. Each year, many qualified candidates are turned away from medical school due to avoidable errors that they made while applying. The medical school application process is long. In addition, the process is sometimes confusing. It is helpful to plan for your application well in advance. Fortunately we have put together a high-yield webinar to guide you through the [...]

Webinar- Applying to Medical School2019-01-05T20:53:17-04:00
1 06, 2018

Is Your Med School Application Ready to Submit?


Med School Application: Take Your Time Before you hit the send button on your med school application, make sure that it is perfect. Although there is a definite advantage to submitting your application early, it is even more important to avoid errors. Therefore, take the time to ensure you are truly ready to submit your medical school application before you do so. Be Accurate Once you submit your med school application, you will not be able to make many changes. The program will only allow you to make changes to the following information: -Name -ID numbers -Contact information -Date of [...]

Is Your Med School Application Ready to Submit?2018-06-01T20:11:57-04:00
23 03, 2018

Medical School Personal Statement Webinar


Register for the Personal Statement Webinar Please register for our personal statement webinar. We will send you a valuable coupon for your next order! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name We value your privacy. We will never share or sell your information. See our privacy policy for more information. The Personal Statement for Medical School The personal statement is very important to your application for medical school. It is also an area of difficulty for most people who apply to medical school. Many premedical students lament that they do not know how to write a solid [...]

Medical School Personal Statement Webinar2018-03-26T18:14:15-04:00
27 01, 2018

Effective Time Management for Medical School


How to Perform Well in Medical School and Enjoy Life Time management is one of the most important skills for future physicians to master. Medical education is a time-consuming process. Medical students must find a way to attend classes, study, and attend to their normal life activities. If you do not have a plan to get all your tasks completed, you will be overworked, frustrated, and stressed. However, if you learn to manage your time you will be much happier.   Time Management Tip#1: Keep a Schedule You will be more organized and efficient if you keep a schedule. Medical [...]

Effective Time Management for Medical School2018-01-27T17:19:22-04:00
22 01, 2018

The Value of Volunteering for Medical School


Why Volunteer for Medical School? It is well known that medical school admissions are competitive. In order to gain admission to medical school, you must have a strong application. Although solid grades and a high MCAT score are positive features of an application, admissions decisions are based on more than academic performance. A medical school applicant must show that they possess personal traits and characteristics that are shared by physicians. Medical schools  look for students have developed several pre-professional competencies. These include service orientation, reliability, dependability, and cultural competence. Fortunately, by volunteering for medical school, you will be able to [...]

The Value of Volunteering for Medical School2018-01-22T02:25:40-04:00
6 11, 2017

Top Medical Student Tips for Success


Medical Student Tips for Success- Tip #1: Be Humble Getting accepted to medical school is difficult. If you are a medical student, it means you have beaten out thousands of people for your seat at your school. Obviously, you are a smart and talented individual. However, you are not entitled to special treatment. Your current classmates are also intelligent and highly-qualified people. In addition, there have been generations of medical students before you; and many people will attend medical school in the future. Although you should certainly be proud of you accomplishments, you should not allow your success to over-inflate [...]

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3 09, 2017

Medical School Skills for Success


Medical School Skills Development It is no secret that medical school is difficult. The coursework is dense. The learning curve is steep. Often, there is little time for normal life activities. Students who succeed in this environment have certain medical school skills. If you work to hone these skills, you will find that your medical school experience is much better. Ideally, you should begin working on these skills prior to applying to medical school. However, it is never too late to begin.   Time-Management One of the most important medical school skills to develop is an effective use of time. [...]

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10 08, 2017

The Importance of Secondary Application Essays


Secondary Application Essays Medical school application season is well underway. This is the time of year when medical school hopefuls have begun receiving secondary application essays. Secondary applications for medical school are created by individual schools which is different than the initial application. For this reason, each secondary application is different. Due to the volume of schools the average premed applies to, most people receive many secondary applications. It is common for students to feel overwhelmed by this deluge of mail. As a result, some applicants may put minimal effort into some secondary application essays. This is very unwise. Secondary [...]

The Importance of Secondary Application Essays2017-08-10T12:00:01-04:00
15 07, 2017

Special Master’s Programs for Medical School


Special Master's Programs for Medical School It is becoming more common for students to take one or more gap years after graduating from college before they attend medical school. Taking one or more gap years may be beneficial to medical school applicants. However, it is important to use this time wisely. It is unwise to use gap time to solely focus on freedom and relaxation after completing the rigors of university requirements. This will not impress medical schools at all. Admissions officers will perceive you as lazy or unmotivated. Instead, you should use the time to devote to academic pursuits [...]

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1 06, 2017

Medical School Application Checklist


Medical School Application Checklist   AMCAS will begin accepting submissions on June 1, 2017 but will not begin transmitting information to medical schools until June 30th.  In order to maximize your chances of admission, it is preferable for schools to receive your application early. Therefore, aim to submit your application on or before June 29th, so that you will be included in the first wave of applications that medical schools receive. While it is helpful to submit your medical school application early, it is even more important that your application is accurate and presents you in the best possible manner. [...]

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