9 Jobs that enhance your medical school application


9 jobs that enhance your Medical School Application

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As a premed student it’s important to find jobs that both pay well and look good on your medical school application. Admission into medical school is getting more and more competitive, so if you can land a job that enhances your application, gives you real world experience, and even provides you an opportunity to begin learning about medical things, then you can have an advantage!


So, which jobs and experience are most important for your application, and how do you land these?


First, look into positions that are paid that also qualify as premed required work or research experience. For example, becoming a medical assistant or EMT is a great way to work alongside health care personnel and get invaluable patient interaction.


Another great position is a medical scribe. Scribing can allow you to form relationships with doctors, assist in documenting patient visits, and gain skills in medical documentation, terminology and treatment plans. Medical scribe positions can be done in person, or even remote.


Being a scribe is good for your medical school application because:

  • You gain quality clinical experience working with doctors, nurses and/or PAs.
  • You can build a network of medical providers, allowing you for shadowing opportunities or letters of recommendations in your future
  • You may find physician mentors you can communicate with throughout your medical school and residency journey.


Here are 9 jobs for premed students that will enhance your medical school application…

  1. Scribe
  2. Phlebotomists
  3. Pharmacy Tech
  4. Tutor
  5. Research Assistant
  6. Home Health Aide
  7. Medical Assistant
  8. EMT
  9. Clinical Research Coordinator


Besides working a job listed above, there are 4 other areas you could focus on including:

  1. Clinical work
  2. Service
  3. Leadership
  4. Research


Clinical work


Your extensive exposure to clinical medicine is probably the most vital element in your application to medical school besides your test scores and grades. The medical field is so vast and there’s so much to learn, that clinical work will help prepare you for your medical career. Plus, it will help you feel more comfortable working with doctors and patients and learning the medical lingo as well.



Serving the underprivileged demonstrates compassion and social responsibility, which are both highly valued on your application. Things like volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping students with learning disabilities in school or in sports, or even tutoring the underprivileged are all good service-based activities. Looking for service opportunities? Check with your school to find those on campus and within the community.



Think of ways you can demonstrate leadership roles or lead a group of people to solve problems. This could be in a job or maybe a club or organization. Demonstrating leadership skills will prove that you have good problem solving skills, are a hard worker and can communicate and work with others to accomplish a goal– all skills which are needed in medicine.



Research cultivates curiosity, and medical schools love that. Research many students participate in is laboratory, clinical or social sciences-based. As long as you are engaging in the process, you’re gaining good experience and can talk about this in your application and in interviews.


Don’t delay getting work experience or other experience in clinicals, service or research to help enhance your medical school application.


If you are opting to take a gap year before you begin medical school, be sure to use your time during this year to gain relevant experience that will give you an advantage over other applicants. A gap year is the perfect opportunity to get more work experience in a healthcare setting.


Learn more about how your gap year can give you an extra advantage in applying for medical school.


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