2 06, 2023

Dental School Admissions: Writing A Great Personal Statement


Dental School Application: Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement The dental school personal statement is one of the most important elements of your dental school application. It's your chance to showcase your strengths and make a lasting impression on admissions committees.  With the right approach and careful consideration, you can make your dental school personal statement stand out. At Code Blue Essays, we specialize in helping aspiring dentists create compelling personal statements that demonstrate their commitment to the field of dentistry and showcase their unique talents.  In this blog post, we will discuss the application process for dental school and [...]

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18 04, 2023

Introducing the new medical school application tool: Med School Mogul…


  Med School Mogul: The Newest Medical School Application Tool  Our team at Code Blue Essays is always working hard to provide services and tools for applicants in medical professions worldwide. We provide guidance and training to help students apply and get accepted to medical school, residency and fellowship programs, graduate programs, nursing programs and dental programs.  Our editors and coaches are all physicians and are not only qualified to help you, but remain current on what it takes to apply, get accepted and excel in your field of interest. And we are always working to come up with new [...]

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27 12, 2022

A tool every medical school student needs…


As a medical school student there is always so much to learn– some say it’s like getting fed information from a firehose! Fast, furious and so much information at one time! No college course can prepare you for the intense studying and learning you’ll have to do, and it’s common for many students to feel overwhelmed, anxious or even frustrated during the first year. Have you ever felt you are missing crucial information? Or that you might not be remembering everything you need to be? Luckily, there are many resources and books that can help you! And one of them [...]

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15 11, 2022

How NOT to Stress During Interview Season


How to manage your stress during interview season The time spent waiting between submitting your medical school or residency application and hearing back from your schools can be stressful! For most, it can feel like an eternity because of all the effort and time put into preparing, researching, and then submitting your primary and secondary applications. It's interview season now for both medical schools and residency programs, and there's still plenty of time for you to be offered school/program interviews. Try to stay patient and remember the best thing to do during this time is to prepare for your interviews. [...]

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