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Med School Mogul: The Newest Medical School Application Tool 

Our team at Code Blue Essays is always working hard to provide services and tools for applicants in medical professions worldwide. We provide guidance and training to help students apply and get accepted to medical school, residency and fellowship programs, graduate programs, nursing programs and dental programs. 

Our editors and coaches are all physicians and are not only qualified to help you, but remain current on what it takes to apply, get accepted and excel in your field of interest. And we are always working to come up with new tools to make your life easier, during what can be a stressful time.

We are excited to announce our latest medical school application tool, the Med School Mogul!

The medical school application is a complex, time-sensitive, and highly competitive process. Errors or delays in your application can have a very negative impact on your chances of acceptance. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared and organized throughout the application process.

Med School Mogul is a free tool that simplifies the process and allows you to easily stay organized throughout your application cycle. 

Med School Mogul includes responsive spreadsheets for:

  • Prerequisites
  • Primary Application
  • Clinical and Non-clinical experiences
  • Individual School Applications

Plus it helps you:

  • Easily search and view mean GPA and MCAT scores for medical schools
  • Plan and organize your personal statement
  • Get access to helpful resources, including opportunities for individual coaching

Your medical school application is like a puzzle–each piece fitting together to form a complete picture of who you are as an applicant. And while you prepare each piece, it’s important to understand the process and know how medical schools review the applications. 

Other tools we offer

Are you in medical school or currently working on getting clinical experience to apply for medical school? Our team at Code Blue Essays offers a comprehensive array of services for medical school applicants, as well as some helpful tools to help you apply, interview and excel during medical school. 

Here are a few other tools that may be helpful…

The Medical School Journal

Our physicians have created this journal to help bridge the gap between students and medical professionals. It’s a quick reference book that you can keep with you at all times during medical school, that will make your day-to-day life as a student easier. 

No college course can prepare you for the intense studying, learning and note taking you’ll have to do as a medical student, but having the tools to help you keep track of crucial information will make your life easier! 

Designed by a physician, this journal is meant to help reduce the stress from constantly having to remember everything and is an easy way to keep your notes organized. It improves your confidence, performance and organization during medical school. 

The medical school journal helps you:

  • Reference things faster– Quickly look up normal lab values, record important information and more
  • Documentation Templates– Step-by-step guides for H&P, SOAP and brief operative notes
  • Patient and Procedure logs– Keep track of your learning during each rotation you are on
  • Planner/Organizer– All the tools you need to stay organized
  • Stronger Residency Application– Collect and easily organize information to write a stronger personal statement and prepare for your interviews

This journal can be a keepsake and record keeper for you throughout all of your medical school years. You can also take this medical journal with you for your medical school and residency interviews. Learn more or order your medical journal today!

The Clinical Experience Journal

Do you have experience as a medical scribe? Or are you hoping to volunteer and gain clinical and/or invaluable patient experience before you apply for medical school?

The Clinical Experience Journal is here to help you document your patient encounters, write down important notes from physicians you work with and keep track of anything else you think will help you throughout your medical journey. It’s a place for you to take notes, jot down important journal articles and keep track of patients you work with. Keeping detailed notes in this journal will help prepare you to become a stronger medical school applicant as you interview and describe your clinical experience.

The Clinic Experience Journal include:

  • Guided monthly planner
  • Patient profile manager
  • Clinical log
  • Ample space for notes

Order your Clinic Experience Journal today

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