If you are interested in attending medical school or pursuing a career in healthcare, it is a great idea to attend a pre-medical conference. Many conferences are offered at various times around the country. Attendees gain many benefits from their participation.

What is a Pre-medical Conference?

Pre-medical conferences are events geared towards disseminating information to students who are interested in a healthcare career. These conferences typically include presentations on a variety of admissions topics. For example, many conferences have discussions on MCAT preparation, strategies for being a successful medical student, and interview skills. In addition, conference attendees also have the opportunity to meet representatives from schools and learn more about their programs. Many students who attend a pre-medical conference find that they meet people who have the ability to help them achieve their career goals.

What to Wear

Although most pre-health events do not have a strict dress code, you should look neat and professional. You will have the opportunity to meet with medical school representatives and you want to leave a good impression. Although it is not necessary to wear a suit, a nice business casual outfit will serve you well. Also, keep in mind that many conferences require a lot of walking. Therefore, choose footwear that will remain comfortable all day. It is also a good idea to bring a notebook and pen. You will want to keep track of tips and key information that you discover during the event. In addition, it is also wise to bring a bag to carry the material that you will certainly collect throughout the day.

Why Should I Attend?

There are many benefits to attending a premedical conference. It is a great opportunity to network and meet people in your intended field. In some cases, representatives from medical schools may be in attendance. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their program. In addition, most premedical conferences offer a variety of educational workshops and seminars. You will learn about admissions requirements, the application process, and tips for selecting a medical school. In many cases, you will have the opportunity to participate in didactic workshops. Many conferences offer hands-on suturing practice. Others have sessions to assist students in beginning their personal statement.

How to Find a Conference

There are multiple pre-health conferences offered around the country each year. Some of these include the Midwest Pre-Health Conference at Bowling Green State University, the UC Davis Pre-health Conference, and the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) presented by the Student National Medical Association. The prehealth adviser at your school is an excellent resource if you are looking for a conference in your area. In addition, the AAMC website often posts conferences on their calendar.  Most pre-medical conferences are free or very low cost for students. If you are considering a career in healthcare, you should consider attending.