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7 06, 2017

Medical School Admissions Application Tips


  Medical school application season has begun. If you are hoping to enroll as a medical student next fall, you will need to ensure that you submit an excellent medical school admissions application this year. Every year medical schools around the country reject thousands of people. Schools overlook many of these people not because of lack of aptitude; but because they made errors in the application process. Conversely, it is possible for a less talented but tenacious student to achieve admission to medical school if they are smart about how they apply. This article will discuss some of the most [...]

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19 01, 2016

How Your Personal Statement Can Help You on Interview Day


  When you are scheduled to interview with a school or program, chances are you will feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Although it may seem like your interviewer is one with all the power, they are actually in an uncomfortable position as well. They need to make a good impression and sell their program to you, the applicant. Therefore, most interviewers will want to develop a rapport with you during the interview process. […]

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