15 02, 2022

Your Personal Statement: Where To Start?


Your Personal Statement: Where To Start? If you are planning to apply to medical school, you probably know that your personal statement is one of the core components of your application. Along with the unique experiences on your CV, your personal statement makes you an individual during the admissions process. With more than 60,000 applicants in 2021-2022, and even more expected for the 2022-2023 application cycle, your personal statement is prime real estate for you to sell yourself. It’s the one place where you can speak directly to admissions officers.   Simple, right? At Code Blue Essays, we think it can [...]

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4 01, 2022

Five Tips for Writing a Winning Personal Statement 


Five Tips for Writing a Winning Personal Statement The new year is here! If you plan to apply to medical school this fall, now is the time to think about writing your personal statement. Students consider personal statement writing one of the most challenging steps in the medical school application process, so there is no time to waste in starting to think about how you want to approach yours. As your experts for personal statement writing and other medical school application topics, we at Code Blue Essays would like to offer some basic tips and ways to avoid missteps in [...]

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15 03, 2018

Medical School Personal Statement Example & Help


Learning From a Medical School Personal Statement Example Each spring, students hopeful for a chance at attending medical school begin preparing their applications. Many applicants rank the personal statement the most difficult of all the portions of the medical school application. The difficulty of writing a personal statement is often  due to multiple factors. These include weak writing skills, lack of time, and discomfort with promoting oneself.  However, the most common reason is that most medical school applicants simply do not know what to write about. Looking at a medical school personal statement example can be very helpful in this [...]

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3 03, 2016

Personal Statement Examples and Discussion


Using Personal Statement Examples to Write a Better Essay When preparing your application to medical school, it can be helpful to look at personal statement examples. The personal statement is a vital portion of your application. It provides a unique opportunity for you to tell the admissions committee about skills or talents that are not evident in your grades or test scores. If done properly, a personal statement can greatly improve your chances of getting invited for an interview. Unfortunately, many prospective medical students do not use their personal statement to their advantage. Under these circumstances, their essays provide them [...]

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