Your Personal Statement: Where To Start?


Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement: Where To Start?

If you are planning to apply to medical school, you probably know that your personal statement is one of the core components of your application. Along with the unique experiences on your CV, your personal statement makes you an individual during the admissions process. With more than 60,000 applicants in 2021-2022, and even more expected for the 2022-2023 application cycle, your personal statement is prime real estate for you to sell yourself. It’s the one place where you can speak directly to admissions officers.  

Simple, right? At Code Blue Essays, we think it can be simple to write a great personal statement. At the same time, we know that the majority of students can find the process of writing a personal statement very stressful. This is because medical school admissions teams see tens of thousands of applications. That translates to tens of thousands of personal statements! You will need to grab the attention of admissions officers within the first few paragraphs of your essay to have a shot at moving forward through the application process.  

Ironically, students typically find that the beginning stages of writing a personal statement are the most difficult! We know that writing the first few paragraphs of a personal statement feels like it requires a superpower. This difficulty is why we decided to create the Superhero Training Academy course at Code Blue Essays. We come to your rescue with five modules guiding you through brainstorming and eventually writing and perfecting your personal statement. There will be no agonizing over starting the writing process because the course gets the ball rolling for you. We break writing your personal statement in to manageable tasks. Best of all, you will get frequent feedback on your individual progress from our expert writing coaches! Our process is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, it yields a personal statement that is distinctly you and showcases what makes you a unique and valuable medical school prospect. Hundreds of students have successfully utilized our Superhero Training Academy. 

Completing the Superhero Training Academy guides you through a process of self-reflection, which will yield a thoughtful and effective medical school personal statement.  Our process helps because it shows you exactly what you should be focusing on as you plan your essay. There are a few main tenets that your personal statement should fulfill, and we’re going to discuss them below: 

  • You must indicate why you are choosing a career in medicine. Every medical school personal statement must answer this question. Your answer doesn’t have to be overt, but your personal statement should make it obvious why becoming a physician interests you. Admissions committees want to know that you are invested in the path to becoming a physician, so it’s worthwhile to invest in you as a member of their incoming class. 
  • You must show self-awareness by speaking honestly about yourself. You need to effectively communicate what motivates you and how your experiences have shaped you. This is where you want to take the opportunity to stand out. If you can link your personality and experiences to practicing medicine, that’s even better! An admissions officer should have a good idea of who you are after reading your medical school personal statement.  
  • You must sell yourself. Tooting your own horn can be something that challenges you, but it’s the first step in gaining the confidence necessary to become a physician. Many find it uncomfortable to talk about themselves, but you have to put that aside to create an effective medical school personal statement.  

When you complete the Superhero Training Academy, these components of your personal statement are automatically incorporated, so you don’t have to agonize over how to include them. If you’re having trouble getting started on your medical school personal statement, give our course a try! Be sure to check out all of the other ways Code Blue Essays can help you on your medical school application journey!

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