18 04, 2023

Introducing the new medical school application tool: Med School Mogul…


  Med School Mogul: The Newest Medical School Application Tool  Our team at Code Blue Essays is always working hard to provide services and tools for applicants in medical professions worldwide. We provide guidance and training to help students apply and get accepted to medical school, residency and fellowship programs, graduate programs, nursing programs and dental programs.  Our editors and coaches are all physicians and are not only qualified to help you, but remain current on what it takes to apply, get accepted and excel in your field of interest. And we are always working to come up with new [...]

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11 03, 2018

Clinical Experience Tips for Busy Premeds


The Importance of Clinical Experience The majority of medical schools expect that applicants will have clinical experience before they apply. Medical training is highly competitive. Medical schools do not want to invest time training students who will not go on to become physicians. Therefore, it is important that medical school applicants understand what a physician's job entails. Clinical exposure allows prospective medical students the opportunity to closely observe physicians and determine if they want to pursue a career in medicine. In addition, an applicant with extensive experience in a clinical setting demonstrates that they have the dedication, compassion, and interpersonal [...]

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3 09, 2017

Medical School Skills for Success


Medical School Skills Development It is no secret that medical school is difficult. The coursework is dense. The learning curve is steep. Often, there is little time for normal life activities. Students who succeed in this environment have certain medical school skills. If you work to hone these skills, you will find that your medical school experience is much better. Ideally, you should begin working on these skills prior to applying to medical school. However, it is never too late to begin.   Time-Management One of the most important medical school skills to develop is an effective use of time. [...]

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