18 04, 2023

Introducing the new medical school application tool: Med School Mogul…


  Med School Mogul: The Newest Medical School Application Tool  Our team at Code Blue Essays is always working hard to provide services and tools for applicants in medical professions worldwide. We provide guidance and training to help students apply and get accepted to medical school, residency and fellowship programs, graduate programs, nursing programs and dental programs.  Our editors and coaches are all physicians and are not only qualified to help you, but remain current on what it takes to apply, get accepted and excel in your field of interest. And we are always working to come up with new [...]

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27 12, 2022

A tool every medical school student needs…


As a medical school student there is always so much to learn– some say it’s like getting fed information from a firehose! Fast, furious and so much information at one time! No college course can prepare you for the intense studying and learning you’ll have to do, and it’s common for many students to feel overwhelmed, anxious or even frustrated during the first year. Have you ever felt you are missing crucial information? Or that you might not be remembering everything you need to be? Luckily, there are many resources and books that can help you! And one of them [...]

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15 03, 2022

AAMC’s Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students 


AAMC’s Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students Are you wondering if you have what it takes to “make it” in medical school? Great news! AAMC has outlined the fifteen core competencies for students entering medical school, and we’ll describe them below. Knowledge and appreciation for these competencies can give you valuable perspective for completing your medical school applications! If you know what a model medical school student looks like, you can shine in your application as that model medical student!  These competencies are officially endorsed by the AAMC Group on Student Affairs (GSA) Committee on Admissions (COA).   AAMC divides the [...]

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18 01, 2022

Making the Most Out of Your Clinical Experience


Making the Most Out of Your Clinical Experience: Clinical experience is one of the most scrutinized components of your medical school application. It can be easy to think of the clinical experience part of your pre-med career as a “box to check" or a stepping-stone to your medical school career. However, at Code Blue Essays, we see the bigger picture. Clinical experience – whether you will be shadowing a local family medicine doctor, working at a phlebotomy clinic, or volunteering at a hospital – is an opportunity, and not simply an obligation. Below, find some tips on how to make [...]

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6 07, 2021

6 Qualities that Will Get You Into Medical School 


6 Qualities You Need To Get Into Medical School You’re applying to medical school after years of hard work and determination, but what version of “you” do you put forth? Medical school admissions committees are looking for certain qualities in a prospective student -- some expected, and some surprising. Here are six characteristics that medical schools typically look for in an ideal candidate: 1. Grit/determination Medical school is grueling. There is no doubt about it. Admissions officers want the students they select to succeed in the classroom and become a doctor. They want to know that a prospective student has what it [...]

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4 03, 2018

Essential Tips for Conquering the MCAT CARS


What is MCAT CARS? Many future medical students have difficulty with the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) portion of the MCAT. This is because it requires a different set of skills than the rest of the test. The MCAT CARS consists of short passages followed by questions. It is designed to measure your reading comprehension and ability to draw conclusions from written material.   Begin Preparing Early Although none of the MCAT sections are conducive to cramming, it is especially important to allot adequate time for MCAT CARS review. This is because CARS requires you to learn and develop new [...]

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3 09, 2017

Medical School Skills for Success


Medical School Skills Development It is no secret that medical school is difficult. The coursework is dense. The learning curve is steep. Often, there is little time for normal life activities. Students who succeed in this environment have certain medical school skills. If you work to hone these skills, you will find that your medical school experience is much better. Ideally, you should begin working on these skills prior to applying to medical school. However, it is never too late to begin.   Time-Management One of the most important medical school skills to develop is an effective use of time. [...]

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