Breaking Writer’s Block


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Breaking Writer’s Block:

Writer’s block is an extremely frustrating condition. It is especially unpleasant when you need to write an admissions essay. When the deadline to submit your application is quickly approaching, it can be terrifying to find that you are unable to put your thoughts on paper. Fortunately, writer’s block can be overcome. This article will present a few tricks to get your writing flowing smoothly.

Step Away

Often, trying to push through writer’s block only results in frustration. Instead, it may be more prudent to set your essay aside for a few hours to days.  When you return to your writing, you will often find that the words and ideas will flow more easily.

Allot Sufficient Time

Writer’s block often rears its ugly head when we have a deadline approaching. The stress of needing to produce an essay with limited time makes it likely that you will suffer from this frustrating condition. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to write. A good time-frame to write a personal statement with minimal stress is 2-3 months. An added benefit of giving yourself a generous schedule is that if writer’s block occurs, you will have the luxury of stepping away from your essay for a few days.

Write Badly

There may be times when you have a general idea of what you want to say, but are unable to express your ideas coherently. In this situation, simply write down whatever you are thinking. It is alright if the sentences do not flow, are incomplete, or do not really make sense. Once you have written everything down, go back and begin to clarify and organize your thoughts. After a few revisions, you should have a product that pleases you.

Find Another Creative Outlet

Sometimes doing another creative activity will help you break through the wall of writer’s block. Take a break to draw, play music, or do some other creative activity. Your skill level is unimportant. Even if you just spend a few minutes doodling on paper, you may find that during that time you will come up with ideas for your essay.


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