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Premium application assistance for medical school applicants. If you are serious about getting into medical school, you need specialized guidance. When you work with Code Blue Essays, our expert physicians will ensure that medical schools see you at your very best.

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Personal Statement Editing

Code Blue Essays will take your even the roughest draft and perfect it. We will transform your essay into a medical school personal statement that you will be proud of. You will work closely with a physician expert who will ensure that your personal statement enhances your medical school application and improves your chances of admission to your preferred school.

From $149

Secondary Application Editing

Convince medical schools that you are the ideal candidate for admission with stellar secondary application essays. Your Code Blue Essays editor knows exactly what medical schools are looking for with each secondary essay prompt. They will help you compose strong, thoughtful, responses that will make you a frontrunner in the competition.

From $125

Interview Prep

If you are invited for a medical school interview, your chances of admission have greatly increased. By some estimates, applicants have a 50% chance of success at the time of their interview. Therefore, it is imperative for you to perform well on interview day. Interview Genius by Code Blue Essays is a comprehensive interview prep program to ensure that you are ready to give a stellar performance on interview day. Practice real interview questions, review your responses, and get feedback from an expert physician. 

From $129

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