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The Personal Statement for Medical School

The personal statement is very important to your application for medical school. It is also an area of difficulty for most people who apply to medical school. Many premedical students lament that they do not know how to write a solid medical school personal statement. For this reason, we created a high-yield personal statement webinar for medical school applicants.  This online workshop will give you the skills you need to easily write a strong personal statement .

Personal Statement Writing

It does not have to be unpleasant to write a medical school personal statement. After all, it is an essay about you. By definition, you are an expert on the subject! Your job is to write an essay that captures the interest of medical schools and shows them why you should be admitted. Our personal statement webinar teaches you how to organize your ideas into a powerful essay. Register today for this free online workshop. You will be glad you did.

A Strong Personal Statement Gives Big Benefits

the medical school personal statement is a vital part of your application. If it is executed properly, your personal statement can give your chances of getting admitted to medical school a big boost.

Here are three reasons why you should focus on writing an effective personal statement:

  • There will be thousands of other applicants with similar grades and test scores. Approximately 40,000 people apply to medical schools in the United States each year. The personal statement is one of the few opportunities to differentiate yourself from the crowd. If your personal statement catches the attention of an admissions officer, they will likely invite you for an interview. (Your chances of admission improve greatly if you make it to the interview stage.)
  • Basic literacy and communication skills are an absolute requirement for the practice of medicine. A badly written personal statement will cause the admissions committee to question your ability as a future physician. Alternatively, an excellent personal statement will show that you have the communication skills necessary to be a physician.
  • Many schools will use the personal statement as a reference for interview questions. You can set yourself up for a positive interview experience by writing an engaging essay that admissions officers will want to discuss further.

Register for our personal statement webinar and learn how to create a personal statement that will benefit your application!

Introducing Our Essay Editing Membership Plan

Before you submit your personal statement, it is imperative that you have it reviewed by a knowledgeable third party. We recognize that medical school applicants must write multiple essays during the application cycle. As a result, professional editing can quickly become expensive. Therefore, we have developed a our essay editing membership program to give you an exceptional value. Save money and get the uncompromising quality of a Code Blue Essays Editor.


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