Questions You Should Expect to Answer in a Medical School Interview 


Medical School Interview

Questions You Should Expect to Answer in a Medical School Interview:

With interview season right around the corner, your time to prepare is here. Code Blue Essays is here for you when it comes to comprehensive interview prep! Interview Genius helps you build the skills for a flawless interview season. Going into your preparation, knowing your responses to certain question types can make all the difference! Your interviewers have already “seen” you on paper, but this is your chance to impress them in person, so start by mastering the following common questions:  


The resume-based question  

Medical School interviewers love to ask questions about your application package to dig a little deeper. For example, they want to know why you chose the major you chose and details about the preparation you’ve taken to apply to medical school. These details will likely involve the experiences you gained through your extracurricular activities, especially the growth you experienced during your research or volunteering.  


The “tell me about yourself” question  

The medical school interview process aims to gather information about a candidate that isn’t immediately apparent on the resume. Interviewers could simply request that you “tell me about yourself.” They could also ask detailed questions – for instance, “what are your strengths/weaknesses?”, “how do you define success?”, or “how do you handle failure?” These questions require a measure of self-awareness. Luckily, you’ve been honing that self-awareness throughout the application process. Regardless, do not interpret “tell me about yourself” as an opportunity to discuss your resume in-depth. Be ready to reveal what motivates you and what makes you stand out against other candidates.  


The “why this school?” question  

At the interview stage for medical school, the schools that interview you have already determined that you make a great candidate. Interviewing is a prime opportunity to gather your level of interest in their particular medical school. Virtual interviews are the norm this year, making them much more financially accessible than in the past. In doing so, candidates don’t have to invest as much to interview, making their interest level less predictable.    


The current events question  

It is almost certain that you will field a COVID-19 line of questioning in your medical school interview. Interviewers historically ask about current challenges in healthcare, and a global pandemic certainly fits the bill. Be ready to discuss masks, limited ICU beds, and single-payer healthcare merits in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.  


The “where do you see yourself in the future?” question  

This question is undoubtedly one that you have thought about before. After all, you’ve made sacrifices and worked tirelessly to get to this point, so you see promise in the future. In preparation for your interviews, make sure that you’ve fleshed out some of the finer details for discussion. The alignment of your goals with the offerings of your interviewing school is of utmost importance not only to them but also to you! The “where do you see yourself in the future” question is an opportunity to display that you have the foresight to know what you want and how to get it.   


The anecdote question  

A popular way to gather information for interviewers is to ask for an anecdote. “Tell me about a time when you…” allows an interviewer to learn how your life experiences molded your actions and beliefs. When you prepare for these types of questions, you should practice taking the opportunity to show that the topic of your anecdote led to growth for you.   


The “where else are you applying?” question  

At this stage in the application process, medical schools might consider themselves “in competition” for candidates they interview. Frequently, interviewers want to know the other programs that interest you for a few reasons. First, your answer tells them what you might be seeking in a medical school. If all of the programs are in the same region, they’ll know that that geography matters for you. If they all have similar rankings, it’s clearer what tier medical school you’re seeking. Secondly, your answer tells them how their program is faring with prospective candidates. A good strategy is to keep your response brief, and if you’re naming names, choose schools from your list comparable to the interviewing program. Avoid expressing heavy interest in any program other than the interviewing program, reassuring them that you consider them a top choice.   

Several considerations come into play as you prepare for your medical school interviews. Take out any guesswork by contacting Code Blue Essays today. We’ll help you make sure that you bring your best to every interview this season.  

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